I bought Dunelm's new £20 wireless lamp - and I couldn't love it more!

This cute little lamp is the latest addition to my home - and it is the dreamiest nightlight ever

lots of Dunelm wireless rechargeable lamps in various colours on a sideboard
(Image credit: Dunelm)

I've recently moved house from London to Glasgow and having spent the last three weeks unpacking (what feels like endless) boxes, I now have a long list of things I need to buy to make my new home work for me and my family.

Our dining room lighting ideas need some attention, and I've been on the hunt for a wireless rechargeable lamp to brighten up evening mealtimes. The thing is, while our new kitchen diner has both wall and overhead lighting, I felt like we needed something a little more atmospheric to light up the table as we ate.

Now, as much as I would love to splurge on the &tradition Flowerpot lamp, £160 from Selfridges, I simply couldn't justify the spend, having just forked out for a new dining table from Loaf.

So when I looked for a more affordable version, the brilliant Keko rechargable table lamp from Dunelm popped up in my search. Available in Black, Dove Grey, Navy Blue, Rose Pink and Olive Green, it has a wireless run time of around six to eight hours and IMO is an absolute steal at just £20.

Now - full disclosure - when the lamp arrived (promptly and well packaged - bravo Dunelm), it was smaller than I had expected. I was so excited to find it, that I didn't read the small print - small and perfectly formed, it only measures 14cm in height. 

As a result, the glow it casts (incidentally, in a choice of three touch operated settings) isn't the brightest. So while it looks great on my dining table, it doesn't really do the job for which I bought it. 

Dunelm wireless rechargeable lamp on a table beside a window and some plants

(Image credit: Future / Ginevra Benedetti)

However, I wasn't put off. I still loved the light and it didn't take me long to find a new home for it. Our new bathroom has recessed ceiling lighting, which is very bright. This is obviously perfectly fine for bathing and all the rest, but it's a bit of a visual slap in the face when when you have to use the loo in the middle of the night.

Dunelm wireless rechargeable lamp on a bathroom shelf beside a plant and bathroom accessories

(Image credit: Future / Ginevra Benedetti)

So the cute Dunelm Keko lamp now lives in our bathroom, casting a soft, sleepy glow - plenty enough for to light your way in the darkness, but not bright enough to wake you up completely. 

And while my search for a new dining table lamp continues, if you're looking for a dreamy wireless night light, I can't recommend Dunelm's new £20 wireless lamp enough!

Ginevra Benedetti
Deputy Editor (Print)

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