Move over bouclé – this is the new style of textured chair that will soon be everywhere

We’re calling it – the furry yeti chair is going to be the next cult buy and we found the best ones

Habitat Rizo Faux Fur Armchair - Cream
(Image credit: eBay)

Who doesn’t love a cosy, comfy chair? Especially to snuggle up in with a good book as we’re transitioning into the cold part of the year. And now, there’s a new kid on the block in the cosy, textured department - the yeti chair. 

It’s essentially a fluffy faux-fur chair, usually done in a white or cream colourway to best reference its namesake – the mythical Bigfoot. For the past year or so, the most desired seating finish has undoubtedly been bouclé, starting a whole bouclé furniture trend.

But we’re pretty confident that’s about to change as we’re all growing a bit tired of seeing bouclé everywhere. Instead, more textured and warming materials like those of the furry yeti chairs or even teddy bear-style finishes are going to replace it. And we can’t think of a better time than now, as we find ourselves on the cusp of autumn and we’ll soon be heading for winter. There are some very impressive designs on the market right now - these are our top picks.

Our top picks of the faux fur yeti chairs

Timothy Oulton Cabana Yeti Armchair, Neutral - Barker & Stonehouse

(Image credit: Flitch)

‘Boucle upholstery was everywhere for a while – from sofas and chairs to cushions,’ says Lucy Mather from Arighi Bianchi. ‘But I would say that fluffy fabric chairs have now overtaken their less furry boucle counterparts. And with chairs it seems the fluffier the better!’

The yeti chairs are incredibly versatile, despite being quite the statement piece in and of themselves. They can create a luxe, glamorous feel as they mimic real fur. At the same time, the most popular white and cream colourways are also perfect for minimalist homes, slotting right into the quiet luxury interior trend.

Habitat Rizo Faux Fur Armchair - Cream

(Image credit: Habitat)

‘It also meets our desire to add lots of different textures within a modern, minimalist or all-white scheme, as a way to add design interest with depth and tactility versus pattern or colour,’ Lucy confirms.

On the other hand, if you wanted to create a mountain chalet kind of look that the cabincore interiors trend is inspired by, then you could do that too.

‘Furry or ‘yeti-like’ chairs can be a fun and practical addition, especially as we transition into the colder months,’ Sam Sutherland, interior stylist at Flitch, says. ‘These chairs provide not only a playful and whimsical design element but also a tangible feeling of warmth.’

Our top picks are perfect both as additions to modern home office ideas, as well as reading corners. But our star choice is undoubtedly the Habitat Rizo Faux Fur Armchair, available for £200. Which we think is pretty affordable compared to most of the similar armchair options on the market priced at around £1,000. What a bargain!

'The Cream Rizo Armchair is a great accent piece that nods to noughties fashion with its plush faux fur finish,' says Georgina Dawson, head of furniture buying at Habitat. 'While bouclé remains popular, we love this cosy fur look and expect to see it appearing more in our interiors for 2024 across textiles and furniture as the trend for all things early 2000s show no sign of abating.'

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How to style a yeti chair

Balance is key, according to Sam at Flitch, ‘Remember to balance them with other design elements such as modern, clean lines for an interesting juxtaposition or by leaning into the texture by pairing with a variety of soft materials, ranging from silks to velvets to heavy wool.’

But if you feel like it, you can also really lean into the theme, says Lucy at Arighi Bianchi. ‘Consider adding cosy accessories like a fluffy rug under the chair, a soft, plush ottoman, or even a faux fur throw rug. These can enhance the comfort and style of the space, especially during the winter months. Faux fur items are easily interchangeable and can be used as seasonal decor.’

We can’t wait to recreate the fairytale-like winter retreat vibes with our yeti chair.

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