Fearne Cotton's living room is proof that pink and green should always be seen

Our favourite colour combination looks even better in Fearne's home

Living room with pink tropical wallpaper and green velvet sofa.
(Image credit: Future/Colin Poole)

Colourful homes are making the mainstream this year, with many of our favourite influencers and celebrities making the most of playful palettes in their homes. And our latest favourite home to take inspiration from is Fearne Cotton's, who offered us a peek into her living room on Instagram. 

In a video of Fearne practising yoga, we can get a taste of her pink and green living room colour scheme, enhanced by premium built-in shelves. Pink and green is a combination that we've been seeing all over the high street, and we have it on good authority from interior experts that it's the new palette to watch out for. 

How to recreate Fearne Cotton's pink and green decor

Pink and green might seem like frightening colours to incorporate into your home, especially if you're a lover of neutral living room schemes, but it's actually a colour combination that works well together. 

'Complimentary colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, hence why green and pink are two such colours which work harmoniously together. The key to getting these two colours right is keeping the tones the same with either softer hues of pinks and greens or bolder shades that pack some serious punch and suit a maximalist scheme,' advises Amy Wilson, interior designer at 247 Curtains.

So how can you recreate Fearne's pink and green living room yourself? These are a few simple ways to get the look, whether you're ready to commit to a colourful scheme or just want to dip your toe in.

1. Make the most of soft furnishings

Living room with pink tropical wallpaper and green velvet sofa.

(Image credit: Future/Darren Chung)

If you're not quite ready to commit to a pink and green living room paint idea, then soft furnishings are a more entry-level route for incorporating the colours.  

The level at which you include the colours in furnishings is entirely up to you. You can go bold with a green sofa that contrasts against pink walls, or you could keep your living room simple with a neutral palette that is enhanced by pink and green cushions.  

Light shades and curtains are also subtle areas to include the colour in unexpected ways. 'Whilst there are patterns and fabrics that feature both of these colours it is also worth considering some colour blocks. One great way to do this is to opt for soft green curtains in a pink-painted room,' Amy adds. 

2. Go for soothing shades

Green living room with pink velvet sofa.

(Image credit: Future)

While rich shades of green are 'in', opting for softer tones will make the colour scheme feel subtler and easy to integrate. Plus, a living room is designed for relaxing so choosing a soothing colour scheme will make it ideal for chilling out in. 

'A pink living room does not mean that everything has to be pink. Softer blush pinks for the walls combined with mossy greens make the room soothing, not loud. Use lighter pinks for light shades and sage green for pillows and throws to add dimension,' recommends Fi Campos, interior designer at Little Folks Furniture

'Green is the synonym for summer and nature's favourite colour to share. It symbolises freshness and harmony. This colour combo can carry an entire space or be built up through textured accents.'

3. Jump into the deep end with colour drenching

Green living room with built-in sofa with pink cushions.

(Image credit: Future)

If you're au fait with adding plenty of colour to your homes, then we recommend looking to colour drenching for this playful pairing. Similar to Fearne's green living room, drenching the walls in either one shade, or a combination of the two, will create a snug and inviting atmosphere that also looks stylish. It's also inherently relaxing, so don't worry about it making the room feel overwhelmed. 

'Pink and green is a combination which takes us to a calm and nature-inspired space,' says Adam Black, co-founder at Button & Sprung.

'The two colours work together whether soft and new-neutrals influenced or driven by the desire for bold impact. Whichever spectrum of tone is chosen, pink and green results in an inherently soothing and botanical space full of warmth and depth.'

Holly Cockburn
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