These heart-shaped drinking glasses have fans on TikTok obsessed

They're a sweet Valentine's Day staple

Heart shaped champagne flute from Next
(Image credit: Next)

TikTok is obsessed with these glasses that are perfect for pouring your drink of choice ahead of Valentine's Day – and they come in the cutest shape.

With the romantic season just around the corner and the trending power of TikTok, everyone is just about as obsessed with pretty, pink homeware as we are, and these heart-shaped drinking glasses from Next has many of us on the ropes. We think it could make a sweet Valentine's day gift and would work quite the treat for a girls' night in too.

Heart shaped champagne flute from Next

(Image credit: Next)

Heart-shaped drinking glass

Over 600,000 people fled to a TikTok showcasing the heart-shaped glasses in all their glory, with over 100,000 people 'liking' the video. The caption reads, 'Yeah I couldn't resist these,' with over 500 comments in awe of how cute the glassware is.


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The heart-shaped flute glasses are available to buy from Next for £20 for a set of two. If you can't get enough of the sweet silhouette, then you're in luck because they also come in a set of two tumbler glasses for £18. We think they'd be the perfect addition to your at-home bar ideas as a Valentine's Day budget idea.

And TikTok agrees with a comment saying, 'The way this made me buy both the champagne and tumblers and inspired me to set up a bar cart around those glasses,' with replies saying, 'Stop because I got these for my bar cart!'

Heart shaped tumbler glass from Next

(Image credit: Next)

We've also seen other retailers take up similar silhouettes, and while they're all a little different, what remains in common are the heart shapes and romantic shades to introduce blush pink to your home. Some comments on the viral TikTok even mentioned that you can pick up the heart-shaped glasses from Home Bargains at an even cheaper price point!

And if you're not much of a drinker, don't worry because we've also got you covered with other options to help you bring about that same vibe. Regardless of what you choose, these glassware pieces are sure to be a staple for any Valentine's Day table settings.

I've got the heart-shaped double-walled mug and I must admit, it's a lovely way to add some flair to the everyday activity of drinking tea or coffee and making it just that bit sweeter.

Will you be picking any of these up?

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