Creative Valentine’s Day table settings – easy ideas to recreate the romance at home

Planning a romantic night in for Valentine's Day? We've got beautiful table setting ideas to fall in love with
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  • Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do something special. This year as we don’t have the option of going out to fancy restaurants and cocktail bars, we need to be more creative to make it feel special at home. If you’re planning a romantic night in this year, don’t miss these beautiful table setting ideas to celebrate in style.

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    Valentine’s Day table settings to try at home

    With over 1.3 million posts under #tablescape on Instagram, our feeds have already started to fill with romantic table setting ideas. We teamed up with party planner Jess Martin at Ginger Ray to offer 5 tips on how to create an insta-worthy Valentine’s table at home.

    1. Decorate with picture perfect Pampas

    It’s the floral arrangement of choice for 2021, picture perfect pampas grass. Jess reveals,’ The darling of interior Instagram has had a rosy makeover: pink pampas grass is the next decorative craze to hop onto. Why not decorate your table with these fluffy, pink plumes to really bring the Valentine’s feel into the dining room? Easy to maintain, they’ll add an effortless touch to the table.”

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    2. Set the scene with decorative details

    While you won’t be dining out at a fancy restaurant or sipping cocktails at your favourite nightspot, that doesn’t mean you can’t go big on decorations this Valentine’s Day. The table may only be a few square feet, but there’s lots of room for big gestures. It’s about recreating the scene to make the evening feel extra special.
    Jess advises, ‘Start by setting up the table with some standout decorations that help make the night a little different to your average dinner date. Think table confetti, a special table runner and even some fun balloons will go a long way. With only yourselves to please, you may as well elevate your evening in the most extra way possible!’

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    3. Change the vibes with colourful tableware

    Forget the everyday white plates, crack out the ‘best serving ware’. Incorporating a colour palette into your table setting can make it feel like a totally different place to where you eat your morning Weetabix.
    ‘Define your Valentine’s evening by deciding on a colour scheme’ says Jess. ‘Be it a classic rosy pink, a romantic red or a subtle cream – pick an accent colour and hone in on that. Simply by matching your crockery, napkins or tablecloth, your breakfast table will transform from drab to dreamy in no time at all.’

    4. Prepare a banquet with beautiful botanicals

    Forget the classic red rose bouquet and opt for something a little more avant-guard in this year’s Valentine table display. This dining table has been sprinkled with an array of wild foliage and alternative coloured flowers so it looks set for a banquet rather than a standard meal for two. The abundance of candlesticks is sure to ignite a flame for romance and set the scene for intimate dining.

    5. Seduce the senses

    The art of tablescaping is about more than merely the visuals, consider your senses, especially on Valentine’s Day.
    Jess says: ‘Ambience is always an integral part of tablescaping – I’m talking mood lighting, seductive scents and layering textures’ explains Jess. ‘Elegant candles and sweet smelling flowers can really lift the layout without overcrowding the table. Why not add a little texture with a chair cushion, too?’

    6. Get personal

    Being at home makes it all the more worthwhile to add a heartfelt personal touch. ‘It may seem cheesy, but we’ve all had time to reflect on how much we love our partners over the course of the pandemic – now’s the time to pen it down’ suggests Jess.  ‘As well as name cards and a special menu, why not dot a few of your favourite romantic lyrics around the table. Or leave a love letter under their dinner plate? It’s important to distinguish this dinner as a special one that’s unlike your weekday supper.’

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    Jess ends by sayings, ‘With this year having been so heavy with negativity, it’s wonderful to see that we’re still able to keep the love alive in lockdown in new and innovative ways. Be it with a rosy pink table display or red-hot dinner decor, we’ve always seen the dining room as a space for sparks to fly – and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to ignite that fire!’

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