Creative table settings for Valentine’s Day

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  • Planning a romantic night in for Valentine's Day? We've got beautiful table setting ideas for all styles and budgets

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do something special. If you’re having a romantic night in this year, don’t miss these beautiful table setting ideas for the big day.

    While it might traditionally be all about pink, Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily just about all things scarlet, fuchsia and rose.

    With these creative table setting decorations from around the web, you can do ‘traditional’ without a sickly dosing of cerise..

    Beautiful botanicals

    Forget the classic red rose bouquet and opt for something a little more modern in this year’s Valentine table display. This dining table has been sprinkled with an array of shrubbery and simple white flowers so it looks set for a banquet rather than a standard meal for two.

    Wear white

    This table setting is positively romantic – yet there isn’t a sign of red. A simple display of white crockery, lace tablecloths and glass candleholders is all this table needs for a graceful Valentine’s Day dinner.

    Join the dark side

    If your loved one is more of a gothic bride then this display is just for you. It adds a dark and romantic twist to the traditional elements of Valentine’s Day with antique glassware, dark crockery and stark white napkins on a candle-lit table.

    Pretty in purple

    It was all about red, then pink, now purple. Move down the colour spectrum and try purple in your table display this year. Set on a clean palette of whites and creamy pinks, these purple napkins look pretty without being too love slushy!

    It’s all black and white

    Love is black and white so why shouldn’t your table top be, too? This fuss-‘free decoration suits both sexes whilst looking classy and elegant. Finish the look with a few dots of red and a beautiful flower display.

    Fanciful florals

    Whilst red roses are traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day, their pink sister flower isn’t as much. This blooming marvellous table is achieved by displaying a generous bouquet on a lace tablecloth alongside floral napkins and rose-shaped food.

    Wrap it in paper

    This set up is absolutely adorable. Everything from the place mats to the plates, tablecloth chairs and cutlery are made out of paper for the ultimate, simple dining experience. And we love the hand written notes!

    Love notes

    Forget a love note or a romantic card and get scribbling on the table instead. Blackboard tablecloths or slate place mats allow you to jot down a few loving words and add a fun dimension to the classic meal. You can even play a little game or two after, but will you let your darling win?

    Dazzle in gold

    If you can’t go over the top today, when can you? St Valentine would approve of a little glitz so go to town with the precious colour, gold. Candelabras, cake stands, name places and even mirrors ooze extravagance and help celebrate the special day.

    Shabby Chic

    Forget the pomp and opulence of Valentine’s Day and instead lay a simple buffet on a bench table with a few nods to the day – think pink napkin, a little, sweet lolly and pretty cake stands. The look is easy yet oozes on-trend shabby chic style.

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