The internet has gone crazy for this viral Homesense table – and you won't believe what it looks like

'It's absolutely unreal'

Living room with white boucle sofa, table, rug
(Image credit: Homesense)

Everyone on TikTok is going crazy over this table from Homesense sporting a unique luxe-inspired design making the rounds in the latest home decor trends – and we almost guarantee you wouldn't guess what it looks like on the first try.

It's no secret that Homesense has easily been a go-to for all our interior needs to snap up gorgeous home decor pieces for even sweeter prices that our budget decorating ideas will thank us for. However, we have to admit that finding this luxe-looking Bearbrick-inspired table in-store is something we definitely didn't have on our 2023 Bingo card – but we're pleasantly surprised.

Living room with white boucle sofa, table, rug

(Image credit: Homesense)

The viral Homesense Bearbrick table

Ellie, (@fenloninteriors_ on TikTok) posted a video sharing her delight when she finally hunted down a gorgeous gold Bearbrick table she's had her eyes on for days.

'No I can't cope, look at what I've just found at Homesense: the Bear brick table!' starts Ellie. 'Honestly, I have been after this for days when I knew it was doing the rounds and could not believe it had finally landed in my Homesense. It's absolutely unreal.'


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The video racked up over 288,000 views, with hundreds of people in the comments sharing their interior envy in the comments. In a follow-up video, Ellie confirms that after going viral, she is one of few people who were able to snag the table at their local Homesense before selling out nearly everywhere.

Sporting a slightly more generous price tag of £149.99, we think that this table is the perfect way to make a living room look expensive (or any room for that matter) because of its eye-catching, unique design.

The 'Bearbrick' trend

So, what's so special about this 'Bearbrick' design anyway and why is it so popular? I know it feels like there's a new Gen Z trend making the rounds every week, but Bearbricks have actually been around for a while now, with #bearbrick on TikTok raking in over 639 million combined views.

To put it simply, they're collectable limited figurines designed by Japanese Company, Medicom. You can shop them at Selfridges, but mind you, they're not cheap by any means. That's what makes this Homesense table all the more an unreal find because it looks way more expensive than its designer counterpart.

It's even become a growing social media trend to buy cheaper blank Bearbrick dupes and customise them using a fluid pour painting technique as an easy DIY project, which has drawn even more attention to the recognisable Bearbrick silhouette.


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We think it's a fun, bite-sized way to bring the Bearbrick trend into your existing home decor, especially if you're entering your villain era and want something new and full of character for your home.

Bear Brick Figurine for Fluid Pour Painting | From £19.30 at Etsy

Bear Brick Figurine for Fluid Pour Painting | From £19.30 at Etsy

This plain figurine works as the perfect base to get stuck into the fluid pour painting frenzy sweeping TikTok.

We can only imagine that we'll see more of this unique, playful silhouette make the rounds in our homes – whether it be in the form of the viral Homesense table (if you can get your hands on one) or simply as a smaller mantelpiece or bookshelf staple following a group arts and crafts activity.

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