IKEA's new summer collection will help you nail the rustic boho look - for a good cause

Items are available from just £4.75 – and we want it *all*

IKEA MAVINN collection in a room, with jute lampshades, a bench, and MAVINN accessories
(Image credit: IKEA)

Sourcing homeware accessories that look and feel handmade, and are also available at a reasonable price, can be a tricky task. But we can usually always count on our old friend IKEA to step up to the plate – which is exactly what they've done with their upcoming MÄVINN collection.

While you might consider IKEA only as the land of flatpack furniture and meatballs aplenty (and our favourite IKEA hacks, of course), they explain that their new collection has been created as a way to celebrate traditional craftsmanship, and it is a match made in heaven for your boho living room ideas or boho bedroom ideas.

Created in partnership with several social businesses across Asia, it includes items made from natural and locally sourced materials, making it one of their more sustainable collections. 

And importantly, the collection is also super cute – and a brilliant option for those looking to redecorate for summer!

IKEA’s MÄVINN collection - what can you expect?

IKEA’s new collection has been created in collaboration with social businesses from across Bangladesh, Thailand, India and Vietnam, all of which have the goal of creating work opportunities and improving the lives of the vulnerable in their communities.

As such, the MÄVINN – while not actually handmade – is a great way to give back to businesses like these, as well as treating yourself to some cute, quality homeware.

The MÄVINN range includes 20 different pieces including bags, rugs, cushion covers, lampshades and storage baskets – all of which exude a relaxed, bohemian summer vibe.

IKEA MAVINN collection, with cushion covers, jute basket and floor runner

(Image credit: IKEA)

You can expect everything from a denim apron, £19, to a woven basket with coloured detailing, which will sell for between £9-£11. We especially love the jute pendant lampshade, which will retail for £19, the flatwoven floor runner, £85, and the striped cushion cover, which you'll be able to pick up for a very reasonable £14.

All 20 of the pieces are made from either cotton, natural fibres, or surplus materials from denim production, which is evident in the MÄVINN apron and bag, which come in a stylish denim material.

If not denim offcuts, IKEA explain that the items in the collection have been made as sustainably as possible, using paper made from the bark of mulberry trees, banana fibre and jute, sourced locally to each of the businesses within the partnership.

Not only that, but the items were also created using production techniques that employees at the seven partnered businesses are especially skilled in.

IKEA MAVINN accessories, jute baskets

(Image credit: IKEA)

Paulin Machado, designer at IKEA, said of the collection, 'Our initial idea was to emphasise craftsmanship and bring the person who made the product to the forefront. 

'This led us to think about the experience of visiting a local craft market: the interesting objects you might find there and the people selling their crafts.

'As such, every item has a distinctive look and rustic feel of a handpicked item, blending colourful splashes with natural materials through embroidery and woven designs where their handmade nature gives its uniqueness."

IKEA MAVINN pink plant runner

(Image credit: IKEA)

Prices for the MÄVINN collection start at just £4.75 (for the fun, pink plant-pot hanger above), and go up to £85 for the most expensive item, the floor runner. 

You'll be able to shop the range in-store from June, so there's not long to wait – though it appears it sadly won’t be available to buy online.


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