Ercol has dropped a new collection with John Lewis - how does it measure up to our favourite vintage pieces?

The mid-century collection that dreams are made of

John Lewis ercol collection in dining room.
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Whether you're a design fanatic or just a lover of mid-century furniture, ercol will be a popular name in your household. The British brand is known for its high-quality furniture that lasts decades, in many cases being passed down through families or found in antique markets, so their new collection with John Lewis is a match made in heaven. 

Investing in ercol is the quickest way to achieve a mid-century living room design. Whether it's with an ash-leg sofa or some nesting coffee tables, the furniture will last for years to come and will make a space look high-end. You can even match to an open-plan kitchen design with a table in the same design. 

Despite how beautiful the new collection is, it's undoubtedly expensive. So with secondhand shopping on the rise, we've taken to secondhand platforms to see how the vintage ercol finds compare, and show you how to shop for them. 

John Lewis ercol collection in dining room.

(Image credit: John Lewis)

How to shop for ercol furniture

John Lewis' new collection with ercol is stunning - it breathes a new modern touch to the infamous design and it's super easy to get hold of on the high street, or online

'Our brands share similar values and ideals, both celebrating UK craftsmanship and supporting sustainability efforts through the usage of sustainable materials, considered construction and timeless, enduring design,' says Nicola Waller, furniture buyer at John Lewis.

If ease of shopping is what you're after, and you have a slightly larger budget, then shopping straight from the new collection is a no-brainer. However, if you're a fan of treasure hunting and love to scour around vintage markets and online marketplaces, then learning how to shop secondhand for ercol is a great option. 

The best bits

'Buying second hand is the most sustainable way to shop for your home, as it gives new life to something that would otherwise be chucked away, as well as reduces the number of polluting resources being used to manufacture more,' says Harriet Pringle, founder of Narchie

'Currently, 69 million pieces of homeware and furniture are thrown away in the UK each year, so resale should be the first choice when decorating our homes. Plus the beauty of second-hand is that it is often much more affordable than buying new.' 

Not only is shopping secondhand beneficial for the environment, but there's something special about scoring an iconic piece of furniture, that will last for decades, at a lower price. 

John Lewis ercol collection shown in living room set up.

(Image credit: John Lewis)

'We’d suggest sourcing ercol via Vinterior, it’s very easy to search by brand and then filter your search to find exactly what item you’re after. In general, buying pre-owned is much more affordable and you’ll also find a piece which has a lot more character, many of which are no longer in production,' says Lucy Ward, brand director. at

'From a sustainability perspective, it’s also great to be part of the circular economy, using pieces that are already in circulation, rather than choosing something new.' 

From an ercol 203 armchair that will form the perfect reading corner to a refectory table that will act as the perfect spot for family dinners, there are so many pieces to be found in perfect condition.

John Lewis ercol collection in dining room.

(Image credit: John Lewis)

No matter whether you choose to treat yourself to a brand new ercol piece or add a slice of vintage style to your home, it's guaranteed to complete a stylish mid-century modern look.

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