's bestselling Haru sofa bed is finally back and available to buy at Next

You don't want to miss out on it this time around haru sofa bed
(Image credit:'s bestseller, the Haru sofa bed is finally back in stock at Next after a long and gruelling wait and it's safe to say that we're pretty pumped about it. You don't want to miss out this time around.

If you haven't been in the know, high street giant Next bought in November last year after the online furniture retailer went into administration. 

When initially stopped taking orders, one of the first worries that sprung to mind was whether we'd ever see the beloved Haru hit the shelves again, especially as it stood as our pick up of one the best sofa beds. As a pleasant surprise, that day has finally arrived. haru sofa bed

(Image credit:'s Haru sofa bed is back is back in business on the Next website, having released a 'small selection of our favourite pieces' and to no surprise, the Haru has made a return as the 'seating style sensation we've all been waiting for.'

Many of our editors on the Ideal Home team were quick to flag the Haru's comeback, and for good reason – it's easily a favourite in many of our homes. The Haru Sofa Bed is available in a selection of different colours, ranging from £325 to £499 depending on whatever size you opt for. Haru sofa bed in mustard colour

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Amy Lockwood, Ideal Home's Decor Editor, reviews sofas for a living and she'll be the first to vouch for the Haru sofa bed as a pretty solid addition to any room, especially if you're looking to fill an awkward space.

'Finding a sofa bed that looks good, is comfortable, and doesn't break the bank can be a tricky business. That’s why the Haru is such a popular option. It has a relatively low price point, and stylish luxe-look velvet upholstery, and whilst it may not be the very best sofa bed we’ve tested in terms of comfort, both the sitting and sleep experiences are perfectly acceptable,' she explains. Haru sofa bed unfolded

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Amy adds, 'The Haru sofa bed's click-clack design also makes it a super simple task to transition this sofa bed from seating to sleeping, with hidden pockets disguised by the coordinating scatter cushions opening to reveal hinged legs, and the backrest and seat easily unfolding to create the sleeping surface.'

'The lack of arms and medium-firm cushioning mean it might not quite cut the mustard for everyday use, but as occasional seating, it makes a great accent chair.'

She thinks it would work particularly well as a sofa idea for small living rooms, as well as being a great solution for impromptu sleepovers in a kids' bedroom or playroom. Haru sofa bed in marine green

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Alternatively, if you're after a more affordable alternative, we suggest having a look at Habitat's Roma sofabed as a Haru dupe as not only is it more budget-friendly but also sports a very similar look.

We love Habitat's Roma boucle sofabed in cream as it's bang on the money in keeping with the boucle furniture trend that was predicted to keep a top spot in this year's living room trends.

A white boucle sofa bed

Habitat's Roma boucle sofa bed in cream – available to buy on the Argos website.

(Image credit: Habitat)

Overall, the Haru sofa bed is neat, stylish, and super practical. It ticks all the right boxes, going from accent chair hero to handy guest bed in no time.

Will you be finally getting your hands on one this time around?

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