Reese Witherspoon champions a 'nostalgia-inspired aesthetic' - here's why decor experts say its the way forward

And it's easy to integrate into your own space

Reese Witherspoon at The Golden Globes
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Reese Witherspoon has always been something of a style icon, from her camp Elle Woods days through to her recent red carpet looks. However, the actress doesn’t stick to clothes to show off her keen sense of style, as she demonstrates with her of-the-moment blue gingham cushion.

Taking to Instagram to debate what show to start watching next, Reese prominently displayed the checked cushion in her living room. Nostalgia has been growing in popularity recently, and the pretty gingham pattern is leading the charge in its resurgence.

The Reese Witherspoon gingham cushion

We've known the A-Lister to be a fan of blue gingham for quite some time. Her brand Draper James frequently uses the print, and the site even has its own dedicated 'Gingham Shop'.

As with most fashions, the gingham revival was first seen in clothing and has more recently been re-appearing in homewares. 'Over the last few years, nostalgia-inspired aesthetics have gained momentum amongst shoppers, as they look to celebrate styles from a simpler time,' notes Etsy's trend expert
Dayna Isom Johnson. 

'So it’s no surprise that we’re seeing the resurgence of the classic gingham pattern make its way back into interiors.' In fact, over the last year Etsy has seen a 30% increase in gingham bedding and a 27% increase specifically in gingham cushions. 

With home decor trends, these numbers mean that jumping on to the bandwagon now will still put you ahead of the majority of people picking up on the style, meaning you can feel as trendsetting as Reese Witherspoon herself.

White living room with blue gingham armchair

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One of the reasons why gingham has returned is due to its versatility, meaning it can sit beautifully in all manner of spaces.

'Gingham has always been a popular choice for soft furnishings, seamlessly complementing both contemporary and traditional interior spaces,' agrees Lisa Coppin, chief creative officer at The Cotswold Company

'Over the years, gingham has evolved, offering a range of options, from simple larger checks that work well for curtains and quilts to bolder designs and colorways, perfect for enhancing the charm of children's bedrooms.'

Pink bedroom with matching gingham bedding

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Reese proudly showed off her love of the nostalgic blue gingham print in cushion form and it's definitely one of the most beloved ways of using the pattern in the home.

'Gingham cushions are one of my favourite ways to incorporate the trend into a space, being a great way to add just a hint of joy and whimsy to a room,' says Dayna from Etsy.

'Adding gingham cushions to kitchen chairs and benches is a great way to infuse a touch of classic country without being overly fussy,' adds Lisa from The Cotswold Company. 'Our classic blue gingham cushion has been a perennial favourite with our customers over the years.'

Pastel bedroom with wall panelling and blue sheets on bed

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That said, if she hasn't already, Reese Witherspoon might want to look at using gingham in other areas of the home, as well.

'Tablecloths and napkins are another simple way to include the charming pattern to your home,' says Dayns. 'For a bolder take on the trend I recommend statement gingham curtains or a piece of gingham upholstered furniture as a focal point.'

'I suggest playing with colour and scale to compliment a more modern contemporary aesthetic and giving a fresh spin on the typically traditional trend.'

Our favourite blue gingham cushions

'The beauty of a gingham design lies in its versatility,' sums up Lisa. 

'While traditionally a popular choice for kitchens, it's equally striking in a living room or bedroom, where it can be seamlessly mixed with other textiles to create a layered look.'

With so many areas to place gingham in, we're looking forward to seeing where becomes the most popular for 2024.

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