This TikTok viral Habitat bedding is the perfect Piglet in Bed dupe that we're adding to basket instantly

Gingham is the print of the season

Habitat green gingham bedding set.
(Image credit: Habitat)

The temperature has officially dropped which can only mean one thing  - getting our homes, and beds, ready for cosy season. With dark cold evenings on the horizon, now is the time to make sure the space you relax in is as inviting as possible, and this Habitat gingham bedding will be the autum bedroom decor you've been dreaming of.

The duvet set has recently gone viral on TikTok with people rushing to their local Sainsburys to bag it, and at only £24 for a double, we can see why. It's affordable enough to justify adding to your weekly shop to spruce up your bedroom decor and the best part? It's a great dupe for the ever-Instagrammable Piglet in Bed green gingham set. 

The linen bedding brand is famous for its stunning patterns and colourways that make your bedroom feel as snug as, well, a piglet in a bed. However, they do come at a cost. With the double duvet and pillowcases (sold separately) adding up to an eye-watering £248, it's safe to say that we've been on the hunt to find an option that offers the same aesthetic, for a fraction of the cost. Habitat certainly got the memo, so take a look at the bedding you'll have to be dragged out of this winter. 

Seersucker Gingham Woven Green Bedding Set | £22 for a single duvet set at Habitat

Seersucker Gingham Woven Green Bedding Set | £22 for a single duvet set at Habitat
We didn't need another reason to snooze our alarms, but this green gingham set will definitely make us drift off for longer. It's the perfect festive-but-not-too-festive colour and pattern too. 

Habitat green gingham bedding set

When it comes to figuring out where to buy bedding, we think the high street is a guaranteed safe bet. Duvet sets can really start to increase price wise, so shopping at places such as Habitat, Dunelm, George Home, and John Lewis can help you find affordable and high quality options. 

After all, as well as being within your budget, you need a bedding set to be made of comfortable, breathable material and it needs to be able to wash well, so you don't have to replace it after months of regular use. 

And of course, it helps that this Habitat green gingham option is effortlessly cool too. If you're on the hunt for 

Habitat has also recently released a dupe of the MADE Haru sofa bed, so you can finish off the look with the perfect gingham duvet set to truly give your guests the ulimate staycation. 

Now is definitely the time to made the most of gingham too. 'In the past couple of years gingham bedding has slowly infiltrated the mainstream, first being adopted by independent and designer labels and now picked up by the highstreet,' says our Ecommerce Editor, Amy Lockwood. 'This Habitat gingham bedding set does what Habitat does best - trend-led style at an affordable price point.'

Our favourite gingham bedding sets

Gingham is definitely the print of the season. It's the perfect autumnal addition and it will easily take you into the festive season too, without needing to purchase a Christmas-specific bedding set. Here are our top picks of gingham bedding sets from the high street. 

Although I love the beige shade for an all-year round option, I'm stuck between a red or green option for the perfect festive touch. Why not get prepared early and enjoy it for longer?

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