The 'unstructured armchair' trend is an elevated spin on the nostalgic beanbag – can it replace the cocktail chair?

The indulgence of a beanbag, elevated

Ramona Beanbag Chairs displayed in room
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Beanbag chairs have long defined days in our youth, from endless hours lounging around in them to simply existing as novelty seating in our homes. However, as we've circled through different eras within interiors, you'll be pleased to know that beanbags are making a comeback – although they look a little different to how we've previously known them. They go by the name of 'unstructured armchairs' now.

While living room trends have undergone a series of changes throughout the years, one thing that remains a cornerstone in this space's furniture setup is the inclusion of a living room accent chair. We've long seen cocktail chairs, mid-century armchairs, and boucle seating take centre stage. However, we predict that unstructured armchairs (aka, the grown-up spin on beanbag chairs) are the next to take the spotlight.'s newly launched Ramona Beanbag Chair, alongside some other equally stylish options that have caught our eye, are a testament to this rising trend.

Pink velvet giant bean bag armchair

Wayfair's Velvet Giant Beanbag Armchair

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The 'unstructured armchair' trend

Patricia Gibbons, head of buying at explains that for so long, living room furniture and upholstery have traditionally featured sharp, elegant silhouettes. However, she notes that contemporary design has begun to soften these lines to create softer, more welcoming spaces.

Not only do curves and rounded edges play a role in boosting mood at home, but they've also been central to newer home decor trends, like quiet luxury, for example. 

Quiet luxury bedroom ideas have a huge focus on curves that not only make a space feel expensive but equally inviting. We think the use of this motif is exactly what has made the fashion-born trend so popular within the interior stratosphere. Therefore, it's no surprise that 'unstructured armchairs' have been so well received.

Ramona Beanbag Chairs displayed in room's newly launched Ramona Beanbag Chair

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Patricia notes that's new Ramona Beanbag Chair, which is perfectly aligned with this rising seating trend, is a stylish and flexible way to add that laidback look to any room.

'Fusing the comfort of a beanbag with a form that's akin to an armchair creates a curvaceous silhouette that's perfect for sinking into,' she adds.

The beanbag chair also has an added handle, making it easy to manoeuvre, lending itself as a versatile piece to complement existing living room sofa ideas or sit as a stylish stand-alone addition to any room in your home.

Better yet, this unstructured armchair style is something we've also spotted at a couple of our other favourite retailers, making it a must-have buy suitable for any budget.

Shop the 'unstructured armchair' trend

I personally loved beanbag chairs when I was younger, so knowing that they're being reimagined in a more elevated manner is definitely something I can get behind. 

Move aside, cocktail chairs. Here's to the ongoing success of the unstructured armchair.

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