Lidl is selling a Silentnight dehumidifier for under £45 – it could be the bargain of the season

Don’t miss your chance to bag this bargain for the wet winter months

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Lidl’s middle aisle is a treasure trove of home accessories and appliances. The supermarket's latest offering? A dehumidifier from Silentnight, the UK’s largest manufacturer of beds and mattresses. 

As we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for the best dehumidifiers on the market, this new supermarket steal has certainly turned our heads. Of course, the bargain price of £44.99 means that it’s an extremely affordable addition to Lid’s middle aisle, but the large capacity and stylish design mean that it will also work hard to keep your humidity levels constant during the wet winter months. 

Available to buy in-stores from Thursday 2nd November: Silentnight Dehumidifier | £49.99 at Lidl 

The Silentnight Dehumidifier at Lidl 

Silentnight dehumidifier in bedroom

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And while the Ideal Home team hasn’t tested this specific Silentnight offering, we have tested a similar Silentnight 39899 600ML Dehumidifier while creating the best dehumidifiers under £100 list - and it’s safe to say that our reviewer was impressed. 

For this review, our tester tried it out in her kitchen and bedrooms and found the dehumidifier drastically reduced the condensation around her windows. Plus, she could tell that the air felt fresher when it was running.

However, the dehumidifier we tested only had a 0.6L tank, while this new Lidl bargain gives you more bang for your buck with a larger 2L tank. Lidl will even give you a 1-year warranty on this appliance - and for a price of just £44.99, we’d say that’s pretty generous. 

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Now that the weather has turned and winter is on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to know what humidity a room should be. Too humid, and you risk living in a mouldy house full of warped furniture and struggling asthmatics. 

That’s before we mention the constant battle with condensation on your windows and an ongoing struggle to dry your clothes. But a good dehumidifier can help to balance this humidity, keeping your home at a healthy equilibrium - and the new Silentnight Dehumidifier at Lidl seems like it’s perfect for the job. 

Not only is this dehumidifier one of the most sleek and sophisticated dehumidifiers on the market today, but it’s also extremely clued up. From the auto-off feature that will automatically turn off when the tank is full to the added filter to reduce dust and particles in a room, it will be suited to any room in the house. 

The Silentnight Dehumidifier can be found in Lidl’s middle aisle from Thursday 2nd November, and from what we can see, the supermarket is the only place stocking this product. This means that they’ll only be available while stocks last in-store. 

However, if you're looking for Silentnight dehumidifier alternatives, we have you covered...

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Run, don’t walk - grab a new dehumidifier for your house while you can. 

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