Lorraine Kelly's Home Truths - find out how early she puts her Christmas tree up (hint: it's early!)

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly tells us how she spends Christmas each year and how much tradition means to her

Lorraine Kelly Home Truths Christmas
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When Lorraine Kelly isn't presenting her self-titled show every weekday morning on ITV, she lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband Steve and their much loved dog Angus.  

Here, she opens up to the Ideal Home team about her Christmas plans for 2023 and explains why the festive season is one of her favourite times of the year. 

What is your favourite time at Christmas?

I really love the build up to the big day, and most especially Christmas Eve when all the decorations are up, the presents have been sent out, the table is set and the fridge is full. I light scented candles, open a bottle of Cava and just take it all in.

By Christmas Eve, family and friends have arrived and there’s that wonderful tingly feeling of looking forward to the big day.

What’s your non-negotiable, must-have at home at Christmas?

Our daughter Rosie being home with us. She lives in London and will come over on Christmas Eve with her wee dog Ruby. 

Even when she lived in Singapore she came home for Christmas. Also we have to have a HUGE walk with the dogs before, and most especially after, the big dinner. 

The first walk is to work up an appetite and the second to walk it all off. I also have to have an entire Chocolate Orange for my breakfast which I refuse to share with anyone.

What part of Christmas planning do you love the best?

I really love buying gifts for friends and family. You don’t have to spend a fortune but I like to get people something I know they will love even if it is just quite a silly thing. 

I do a lot of shopping online as my family and friends are scattered all over the place. My brother Graham and his girlfriend Anisa live in Singapore and I have friends in France and Spain, and of course lots of relatives and pals all over Scotland. 

I either send people I might not see over Christmas gorgeous hampers from Orkney full of wonderful local produce, or lovely gifts to pamper them from Beauty Pie. I am a member of this brilliant beauty buyers’ club. I love their products and use them all the time myself. They have cleverly cut out the middle man which means they can offer really high quality skincare, makeup, candles at a fraction of the cost!

Lorraine Kelly Home Truths Christmas

(Image credit: Lorraine Kelly)

What part of Christmas planning do you dislike the most?

I try and get presents by the middle of December at the latest because I don’t like really busy, overheated shops, grumpy stressed out shoppers and the same old Christmas pop songs being blasted out in every store become a bit much, even for me.

What smell says ‘Christmas’ to you?

Cinnamon, cloves and fresh pine. Also the smell of mince pies and Christmas pudding and mulled wine bubbling on the stove.

When do you put up your decorations?

As early as I can! Usually the weekend after my birthday on November 30th. I get Steve to bring the boxes all down from the loft and every bauble has a story, either from my childhood or something I’ve bought on holiday.

Lorraine Kelly Home Truths Christmas

(Image credit: Lorraine Kelly)

Are you a Christmas minimalist or do you prefer to go all out?

Never ever minimalist! As far as I’m concerned there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to Christmas decorations. I like to have a real wreath on the door, and lots of holly and mistletoe as well as hyacinths and poinsettias everywhere.

Do you have a favourite Christmas decoration? And why?

My most prized Christmas decoration is a very special fairy on the top of the tree which was made by my daughter Rosie at nursery school. 

It’s slightly wonky and worse for wear as she is over 25 years old now, but Christmas would not be the same without her, and I pack her away every year as though she is the Crown Jewels.

Do you have any traditions at Christmas?

Lots. I eat my Chocolate Orange with a Buck’s Fizz and then open presents. Rosie still gets her stocking at the foot of her bed filled with little gifts.

Breakfast is usually something very special like smoked salmon on toast.

Do you host friends and family over the holidays? And if so, how do you celebrate?

We have a party, usually on the Friday before Christmas with lots of bubbles and food and music.

Quick fire questions with Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly Home Truths Christmas

(Image credit: ITV/Ken McKay)

Decorations - traditional or modern? Traditional and eclectic.

Tree - real or artificial? I have an artificial one, but it looks real.

Tree decorations - themed by colour or a mixture? A total mixture and all the better for it.

Presents - do you treat yourself? I usually buy myself a scented candle or some pyjamas when I’m out shopping or online.

Stockings - yes or no? ALWAYS - with little things like sweeties, lovely soaps or make up for Rosie.

Does your dog get a Christmas present? OF COURSE!!!!! Angus, our five year old border terrier gets a stocking filled with toys and treats and Ruby (Rosie’s 18 month old mini long haired sausage dog) obviously gets the same.

Christmas meal - at lunch time or dinner time? Usually around 3pm. Steve and Rosie do all the cooking and I clear up.

Christmas turkey or something else? Turkey and all the trimmings.

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