Bathroom chandelier ideas – 8 ways to upscale your wash room

Be inspired by these ways to give your bathroom beautifully luxurious lighting

We all know bathrooms are practical spaces, but they can also be our sanctuary, a place we can get energised in the morning or relax in at the end of a day. With that comes the opportunity to stamp our style on these rooms, whether it's giving them a restful vibe or going for next-level glamour. Lighting can play a huge part in this and here we're focussing on bathroom chandelier ideas – from cascading droplets to opulent crystal and even modern styles, we've got a whole load of bathroom chandelier ideas to help you choose.

Of course, when working out your bathroom lighting ideas you'll need to decide where your chandelier is going to be placed. Do you want it above a roll-top bath, for example, which may not necessarily be in the centre of the room, but gives you a glittering standout piece overhead? Maybe you want a few smaller designs rather than one central chandelier? Whatever you decide, you can be sure it will create a beautifully indulgent feel.

Bathroom chandelier ideas

One of the key factors in bathroom lighting is to ensure your fixture is safe to use in a room where there's water. 'Remember to check the Ingress protection (IP) rating of your design,' advises Peter Legg, lead designer at där lighting. 'We recommend that any light in a bathroom is IP44 rated and the protection rating is especially important if you’re planning to hang your chandelier over the tub. Always plan for moisture. Also consider weight, as some chandeliers can be heavy and will need extra mounting.'

Once you've addressed the safety element, you can get on with the fun part – picking out the chandelier of your dreams.  Do you want something vintage to match the period of your home, or a classic design that's timeless in style? Perhaps you could choose one with a metal frame that matches your bathroom fittings? It's also worth remembering that anything with individual crystals or beads will require more dusting!

Need some inspiration? Then check out these bathroom chandelier ideas to whet your appetite – we've found 10 very different designs to get you started and even have some small bathroom lighting ideas.

1. Double the impact

bathroom with mirror chandelier and white bathtub

(Image credit: Future PLC /Colin Poole)

As we mentioned above, placement is key when it comes to your chandelier and being that you've gone for such a statement light fitting, why not maximise it by reflecting it in a bathroom mirror idea? Double the impact, double the sparkle! Plus you'll be able to see your chandelier from different angles in the room.

This glittering design features an old-gold frame and chain, which match the bath tap and mirror frame to a tee. It's details like these that can really make a difference when it comes to upping the luxe factor of your bathroom.

2. Add elegance with a traditional-style chandelier

bathroom with chandelier and white bathtub and two basin

(Image credit: Future PLC /David Parmiter)

Bathrooms are often full of hard lines and shiny surfaces, from the bathroom tile ideas to the vanity and shower glass, so why not add an element of 'pretty' with an ornate, candelabra-style chandelier? As well as providing soft, ambient lighting, the small glass droplets and scalloped edges of this design add an intricate and elegant touch to an otherwise modern bathroom.

The beauty of this style of light is that it comes in so many different finishes and colours too – everything from black to gold, or a more traditional silver finish like this one.

3. Small can still be stylish

open plan bedroom with yellow wall chandelier and bathtub

(Image credit: Future PLC /Simon Whitmore)

In an en-suite bathroom idea, or above a bath in a bedroom, you may not want your light fitting to be as large as usual, which is where a smaller chandelier design can work perfectly.

Place the chandelier where it will have most effect. Here, it's above the roll-top bath in the corner of the room, helping to create a bathroom 'zone' in an open-plan bedroom. Choosing a smaller design not only helps avoid overwhelming a compact space, but it also creates impact without taking away from the bright yellow wall or period-look bath.

4. Choose delicate vintage looks

bathroom with white tiles on wall and chandelier

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Although there's plenty of modern chandeliers on the market, why not go down the antique look instead, with a light fitting that can be used in any room and any setting for years to come? The ribbed glass on this chandelier, along with the scalloped-edge top and delicate beads ensures it adds a touch of sophistication, and the fact that it's in a bathroom with white metro tile bathroom idea and white shutters means that the simplicity of the backdrop lets it take centre stage.

5. Bring in Art Deco vibes with a tiered, colourful light

bathroom with white bathtub and chandelier

(Image credit: Future PLC/Oliver Gordon)

The symmetrical, rounded shape of this tiered chandelier is ideal for anyone looking for an Art Deco-style light and the fact that it's blue in colour makes it even more stunning.  Again, it's not the largest chandelier but it still draws your eye up, showcasing a high ceiling and ensuring it doesn't go unnoticed.

Continue the blue colourway of the chandelier in the accessories, picking out the same colour in blinds or towels. Or add a contrasting colour like the small pop of yellow in the chair seat cushion.

6. Emulate opulent period style

bathroom with white two basin and bathtub

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Parmiter)

Period homes often come with high ceilings, detailed cornicing and other features such as fireplaces and traditional-look fittings, all of which demand a light fitting to help complement the age and size of the property.

That's where a large, opulent chandelier comes in… this one above has been hung centrally over the bath to anchor the otherwise large bathroom, with its dark colourway echoed in the gunmetal look of the fireplace and overmantel mirror.

7. Make your chandelier the first thing you see

bathroom with white wall chandelier and bathtub

(Image credit: Future PLC/Rachael Smith)

If you've spent time and money picking out a statement chandelier, then why not make it the first thing you see when you enter the room? This means considering your bathroom layout idea as a whole to ensure that the designated spot for the light is viewable each and every time you pass by the door.

Here, an elegant white candelabra-style chandelier is central to the door frame, along with that gleaming silver bath with its ornate mirror either side, creating quite the entrance.

8. Go for a kitsch, dark design

room with white wall and black coloured chandelier

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Bennett)

Not a fan of the traditional-style chandelier? Then opt for something more unique, whether it's a quirky hot-pink design or something more gothic-inspired, such as this black light fitting.

Can you put a chandelier in the bathroom?

Contrary to common belief, it's not only spotlights that can be used in a bathroom and a large bathroom pendant light idea or chandelier can really add the finishing touch to your scheme.

'Good ambient lighting creates a lovely, indulgent atmosphere when you’re soaking in the tub,' says Jo Plant, head of design at Pooky. 'And there’s no reason why you can’t employ designer decorative lighting to make your bathroom stylish, just as you do in your sitting room or bedroom.

In other words, prioritising your lighting’s function doesn’t mean you should neglect its form. To give your bathroom a luxurious spa-like finish, consider a couple of small chandeliers hanging directly above the tub.'

Can you put a chandelier in a small bathroom?

'Traditionally, chandeliers are best suited to bathrooms with high ceilings, but those with lower ceilings can still adopt them by using a little creativity,' says Peter Legg at där lighting. 'For example, tucking a dimmable design into an empty corner as an ambient light would work well.'

'In small bathrooms it’s important to be sensitive to size,' Peter continues. 'You can still introduce a chandelier, but leave yourself enough head clearance and choose a slim design to keep from feeling cramped. A flush or semi-flush design with crystals and beads can be just as impressive as a chandelier and often better suit a small space, giving you a more elevated and considered look.'  

How high should a chandelier hang in a bathroom?

Have it too high and you risk not having the full impact of your chandelier… and too low means you could be walking into it in a small space. So how high should you hang your sparkly light fitting? 'The position of your chandelier is paramount,' says Peter. 'The lowest a central chandelier should be hung is seven and a half feet. There are strict rules to hanging a chandelier over a bath tub and it should be at least eight feet above the rim or three feet away from the tub side.'

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