Aldi's affordable weighted blanket is back to help improve your sleep this winter

Feel snug and secure this winter season with this cosy weighted blanket

aldi embroidered velvet bedspread
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If these cold, winter nights have been creeping up on you quicker than expected, it looks like Aldi has the solution for you. Aldi has just released a selection of weighted blankets for £24.99 that are perfect for staying warm and cosy – they also work quite the treat when paired with your best electric blanket.

Whether you're dealing with chilly evenings leading to sleepless nights, or perhaps you're just quite the restless person with many a thing racing through your mind when you're trying to unwind and relax – this weighted blanket from Aldi might be just the thing you've been missing for a good night's sleep.

Aldi weighted blanket

The weighted blanket comes in two different colours and weights, with the light grey variant weighing 4.5kg and the dark grey weighing 7kg. Despite the weight difference, both blankets are priced at £24.99 each, measuring approximately 125x180cm. The weighted blankets are available to pre-order on the Aldi website now, and are selling fast.

Weighted blankets have been receiving all the rave recently, with the average price for them on the market being around the £50 range. The highest prices for this winter essential shoot up to as much as £200, with the cheaper options sitting at just under £30. This essentially means that the weighted blanket from Aldi beats these all, standing as the most affordable of the bunch.

Designed to have a calming effect, the weighted blanket is ideal for lounging on the sofa or wrapped up in a warm bundle in bed. The blanket is made from pure cotton and filled with tiny weighted glass beads, applying the perfect amount of pressure evenly all over your body to give you the good night's rest you've been long awaiting.

aldi weighted blanket in dark grey

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Aldi claims that the additional weight will help you feel secure and comfortable so you can easily relax. From the looks of it, this super soft and cosy blanket looks like it will work quite the treat for those looking for solutions on how to sleep better.

Additionally, if you've been browsing through cosy bedroom ideas to spruce up your sleeping quarters for the winter season, Aldi is also selling a range of cosy bedding options like this lovely Embroidered Velvet Bedspread that's only £19.99.

aldi embroidered velvet bedspread

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you want to run the best chance to get your hands on these winter night-time essentials, we suggest you run to the Aldi website now to pre-order them so you're ahead of the game before they become available in-store on the 6th of November. 

You may very well have to go against many who have their eyes on this bargain once they're up for grabs in that middle aisle – mind you, us included.

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