The lighting accessory your bedroom is missing to help improve your sleep

Experts claim it could help keep your circadian rhythm on track

dark blue bedroom with wall lighting
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Creating the perfect sleep routine is helpful to make sure we get plenty of shut-eye to function better in our daily lives. But following lots of rules and routines can feel overwhelming however a dimmer switch could be the surprising missing part of the puzzle for a good night's sleep.

Bedroom lighting ideas are really important when it comes to helping maintain our circadian rhythms. We all know that walking into a light, bright room is a good way to keep us awake – meaning that warmer, softer light often feels better when it comes to winding down for bed.

How a dimmer switch can help improve sleep

You’ve got your meditation app going, you’ve settled into snuggly linen bedsheets, and you’ve got the room to a cool but comfortable temperature. Now it's time to adjust your lights to help optimise your nighttime slumber. 

According to experts, a dimmer switch – and therefore, a dimming light – is absolutely essential for promoting a better night's sleep.

Explaining why, Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director at Industville, said, 'Lighting is one of the most important aspects to think about in any space, as the right light can change the dynamics of a room to create the perfect sleep ambience.

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'The number one consideration for lighting any space, no matter what the size, scale or budget has to be a dimmer switch. Studies have shown that dimmed warm light helps us wind down for the day and get ready for sleep.'

A study published in the Photochem Photobiol journal in 2015 indeed found that overexposure to bright light before bed interrupted our circadian rhythms, and advised minimising evening light exposure to help avoid this. 

And of course, a dimmer switch can easily help to reduce your exposure to harsh light at nighttime, leaving you with a bedroom that feels as relaxing as it looks. 

dark blue bedroom with wall lighting

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Obviously, not all of us can employ this trick for sleep so easily if you're not currently undergoing a bedroom renovation, as you will need to call an electrician to install a dimmer switch if you don't already have one. However, if you don't fancy calling out an electrician, many lamps now come with a dimmable function with some at John Lewis starting at £20. You can also look at installing smart lighting, which can often be dimmed.

Happy snoozing!


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