Fearne Cotton’s £150 throw is a grown-up spin on the trendy folk aesthetic – and we just found the perfect dupe

It’s so cool and so perfect for Autumn!

Plant Woven Blanket
(Image credit: Denim and Bone)

We’re not ashamed to girl crush on Fearne Cotton every now and then. We’re big fans of her style and home decor ideas, hence why we keep close tabs on her Instagram to get the scope of what she’s liking of late.

The author and presenter recently took to the gram a few days ago to share pictures of her cat Simon. Besides the fabulous feline, our eyes were caught by gorgeous throw spread out on Fearne’s bed.

The blanket is the perfect grown-up yet fun take on the folk aesthetic, which is all about nature, fairies and the mushroom and toadstool motif trend we’ve been seeing everywhere. The perfect aesthetic to get into in time for Autumn. 

But after searching for the throw in question online and discovering that the You Got This Woven Cotton Throw from Denim And Bone sells for £150, we thought that surely we can do better than that price tag. And sure enough, we found one that is just as cool and just as folksy, complete with the shroomy images and slogans. And it’s just £36! 

The dupe for Fearne Cotton’s throw

The ethereal quality of the folk aesthetic trend is the perfect pairing with the mysterious melancholy of Autumn as the days grow darker and colder and leaves turn beautiful, rusty colours before covering the ground. 

'The characteristic of folk is all about creating stories that are often based around the magic of nature,' says Katina Dalley, interior design and trade sales executive at House of Hackney, a homewares brand that has the folk aesthetic down. 'You can be fun and playful with this style and the more a space feels like you've escaped into a magical new world, the better.' 

And getting cosy in bed or on the sofa wrapped in a comfy blanket that’s right on theme is exactly what we’re after for the upcoming season. So when Fearne Cotton serves up a cosy bedroom idea, we’re here for it. And even more so when we come across its perfect dupe in the form of the Plants Woven Blanket from Disturbia.

Is it exactly the same, like for like? No. But it is certainly from the same universe, a part of the same magical aesthetic. While Fearne’s blanket is coloured predominantly in pink and cream tones, the Disturbia throw sports a black backdrop to display its botanical and funghi motifs. Plus, they both sport a relaxed, frayed style edging.

Plant Woven Blanket

(Image credit: Disturbia)

They also both have a slogan front and centre. The Denim and Bone design reads an encouraging message, ‘You Got This’. Meanwhile, the Plants blanket says, ‘A Disturbia Guide: Hallucinogenic Plants’. Trippy. But existing customers love it, as do we, and many of them also choose to use it as a wall tapestry.

One reviewer writes, ‘Perfect for curling up on the couch but would also make a great wall tapestry. Woven design is so dope.’ While another says, ‘This is gorgeous and I will be hanging it on a wall as it looks like a tapestry of old.’

If the colourway of Fearne’s throw is more your vibe and you can do without the slogan, then the Mushroom Throw Blanket from Urban Outfitters is also a great option, covered in adorable toadstools from top to bottom and priced at £35.

Whichever you pick, we’re sure your autumnal days will be all the more magical and cosier.

Sara Hesikova
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