How to make your bedroom curtains look expensive – 6 expert-approved ways to elevate your window dressing

The best ways to make your bedroom curtains look luxurious

A neutral bedroom with a stone bedside table
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One of the best rooms to adorn your windows with curtains is the bedroom to help in creating a soft and cosy feel and atmosphere. However, window dressings and curtains can get very pricey, but there are several ways to make your bedroom curtains look expensive to elevate your space.

Besides the bed, the windows and their dressings tend to be the most attention-drawing focal points of any bedroom. So getting your bedroom curtain idea right can really make or break the room.

So to avoid the latter, we’ve consulted our curtain experts to give us the low-down on what makes bedroom curtains appear luxurious and how you can easily achieve that look without footing the bill for high-end curtains.

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How to make your bedroom curtains look expensive

‘Adding a luxurious finish to your window is easier than you might expect,’ starts Ana Zuravliova, trend specialist at Blinds Direct.

And as long as you avoid some of the common bedroom curtain mistakes, we’re sure you’re going to nail making your bedroom windows look luxurious and sophisticated.

1. Choose the right material and finish

A neutral bedroom with a stone bedside table

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There are few things to look out for when learning how to choose expensive-looking curtains. But the number one thing to be mindful of is the material.

‘To make your curtains look more expensive, choose the best quality materials in your budget. The best options tend to be velvets and other heavier fabrics, especially when combined with a fashionable finish such as jacquard, florals or paisleys,’ Ana suggests.

Opting for natural fabrics over synthetics will also create a more high-end look. Not to mention that it’s an on-trend approach, especially if you opt for recycled materials. There is ‘a significant rise in interest in sustainable fabrics including recycled linens, more dynamic patterns such as tropical and biophilic designs, and rich, deep colours. Popular amongst these are dark greens and luxurious indigos. For lovers of more neutral colour palettes, blush pinks offer a more energising yet still calming alternative to greys and creams,’ Ana adds.

Adding lining to your curtains will also make them look and feel more substantial which results in a more luxurious finish. ‘Adding a lining to your curtains will also provide you with a more fulsome appearance, enhancing their luxurious aesthetics,’ Ana says.

2. Accessorise with a tieback

A bedroom with a tropical wallpaper

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It’s not only about the curtains themselves. You can show attention to detail and elevate your existing curtains with something as small as a tieback.

‘For the finishing touch, piped or plain tiebacks serve as the perfect accessory,’ Ana says.

Amy Wilson, in-house interior designer at 247 Curtains, suggests a style update to add flair to a tiebacks. ‘You can embrace the tieback once more but look beyond the familiar same fabric versions. look for options such as large tassels and oversized bows - even some hand-tied rope can make a stylish tie-back option. The thing to remember with tie backs is to keep them loose rather than drawing curtains high off the floor.’

3. Choose the right length and create enough volume

A light-coloured bedroom with a fabric screen around the bed

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Having your bedroom curtains cut to the right length is crucial to an expensive look. And short curtains are a big no-no if you want your windows to look luxurious.

‘Curtains should reach the floor as a minimum and ideally pool slightly for an added touch of luxury. To create the perfect curtain pooling you should allow an extra couple of inches to your measured drop,’ Amy says.

Volume is also very important and the sides of your windows should never be exposed. ‘Try not to expose the sides of the window as that implies a lack of volume in them, and volume is an important factor that alludes to opulence and luxury.’

4. Pair with a stylish curtain pole

A bedroom window with curtains and a rattan chair

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As already mentioned when discussing curtain tiebacks, good curtain ideas are not all about the curtains themselves but getting the right accessories as well - like the perfect curtain pole.

‘Find a stylish curtain pole. Whether you choose a chic, modern metallic or a traditional dark wood, the right curtain pole will elevate the style of your curtain. With a curtain pole, you can enjoy pinch or double pinch pleat header options which are timelessly classic,’ Ana says.

5. Remove wrinkles and dust

A bedroom with a patterned wavy headboard and striped curtains

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One thing you can do to keep your curtains looking good that won’t cost you anything is learning how to clean curtains and keeping them wrinkle-free.

‘Cleaning curtains is often forgotten off the list of household chores, but dusting and vacuuming should be part of your weekly cleaning routine if you want them to look neat and fresh at all times,’ Amy advises.

She continues to talk about removing wrinkles from your curtains with water and a refillable spray bottle like this one from Amazon, ‘One easy way to remove wrinkles from curtains while they are hanging is by spritzing them with a recycled spray bottle filled with water - this helps to relax the fibres in the fabric.

'Spraying the curtains till they are damp means the weight of the curtains should release the wrinkles as they dry - but don’t go overboard. If you have a handheld steamer at home, you can also use this to remove wrinkles, depending on the fabric. I wouldn’t recommend using a steamer on delicate fabrics such as silk as it can leave watermarks and cause shrinkage.’

6. Add a pelmet

A bedroom with a floral wallpaper and matching curtains

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If you’re not afraid of an easy DIY project, then adding a pelmet is a little extra way that will undoubtedly elevate your bedroom windows.

‘This is very simple to achieve with some MDF that is covered in coordinating fabric or simply painted in the same colour as your walls. Leftover wallpaper applied to a simple box pelmet is an effective way of upping the style stakes around your curtains and giving your home real hotel vibes,’ Amy says.

Get the look


How do you hang curtains to look fancy?

Symmetry is key when it comes to hanging your curtains as it shows intention and attention to detail.

‘Whether your bedroom curtains are hung through a track and pole or on hooped eyelets, take time to space each fold evenly so they’re nice and balanced on each side. This creates a strong silhouette that is formal and precise. If you have big windows, aim for four to five folds on either side or stick to three if your windows are smaller,’ Amy concludes.

Now your bedroom curtains will undoubtedly look a million dollars!

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