Should you match your bedroom curtains to the bedroom walls? Experts reveal the best way to choose the right colour

Interior experts advise what to do based on the look you’re going for

A light-coloured bedroom with a fabric screen around the bed
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Curtains are usually not what you’d start with when decorating a bedroom so there’s always that question - what colour should your bedroom curtains be? And should your bedroom curtains match the walls or should they contrast?

The possibilities and bedroom curtain ideas are endless. But there are some rules of thumb that are best followed as our curtain and interior experts reveal, all depending on the look and feel that you are after in your bedroom.

So while matching your bedroom curtains to your walls is neither right or wrong, both window treatment ideas create a different look and atmosphere that you should seriously consider. And this little guide to choosing the right colour of curtains for your bedroom should help you with that.

A bedroom with wood wall panelling and a window next to the bed with grey curtains

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Benefits of matching bedroom curtains to the walls

‘Matching curtains to bedroom wall colours can help to create a cohesive and harmonious look in the room,’ says Leah Aspinall, head of design at Blinds 2go. ‘Particularly when they are closed at night, they become an extension of the wall, enhancing a sense of enclosure and comfort when you’re falling asleep.’

Matt Thomas from Apollo Blinds credits the current trend of colour drenching for the popularity of matching bedroom curtains to the walls. ‘Matching bedroom curtains to bedroom walls has become more popular as part of the overall interior trend of colour drenching. Colour drenching in interior design refers to the technique of immersing a space in a single colour or a harmonious palette of similar hues. This method can create a dramatic, cohesive, and enveloping effect that enhances the atmosphere of a room. This creates a monochromatic look that can be both bold and soothing.’

A light-coloured bedroom with a fabric screen around the bed

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But both Matt and Alex Stubbs, Flitch interior stylist, warn against taking this too far and making your space look flat and one-dimensional.

‘Matching everything can sometimes result in a lack of visual interest or depth, and without variation in colour or pattern, the room might appear bland or too monochromatic,’ Alex says.

Matt continues, ‘To prevent the space from feeling flat or overwhelming, designers incorporate different textures and materials. For example, matte and glossy finishes, textiles, and natural elements can add complexity and richness to the colour scheme.’

bedroom curtain mistakes, colourful bedroom with wood themed wallpaper, yellow bedspread, pink curtains with hold backs, plant, wooden floorboards, green painted panelling and woodwork

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Benefits of adding contrasting curtains to your bedroom

Whether your curtains match or contrast to your bedroom walls is not that important to choosing expensive-looking curtains. But it is important to the visual intrigue and depth of the room.

‘Curtains don’t have to match with the walls at all to add a stylish finish to a bedroom,’ says Ana Zuravliova, trend specialist at Blinds Direct. ‘Curtains can be used to provide contrast in a room that breaks up the space, especially if in a complimentary colour to the rest of the decor. If you go for this approach, matching your curtains with accessories such as cushions or lampshades will help to unify the windows with the rest of the room.’

Ana also presents an alternative to going down the fully monochrome route of matching the curtains to the bedroom walls that falls somewhere in the middle of fully matching and contrasting. ‘If you don’t want fully plain walls in your space, you can still match patterned curtains with the walls. Matching the primary or secondary colours in a patterned curtain with the walls will give your bedroom a unified finish while still letting your curtain stand out,’ she adds.

A bedroom with a patterned wavy headboard and striped curtains

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What should curtains match in a bedroom?

As Ana already pointed out, even if you decide to go for a curtain colour that contrasts your bedroom wall shade, the curtains should still match something in the space in order to create a considered and cohesive finish.

‘I think it’s visually appealing to match bedroom curtains to a large rug, or a couple of runners either side of the bed,’ says Lucy Mather, interiors expert from Arighi Bianchi. ‘Or adding a matching design with bedside lampshades – to subtly bring the two colours or designs together.’

Bed linen is another popular choice for matching with bedroom curtains but Leah at Blinds 2go warns against going too matchy-matchy. ‘Matching bedroom curtains to bedding is a popular choice, however, they should match in terms of complementary colours and patterns rather than being a perfect match to make the space feel less overwhelmed. You can also select curtains to match furniture in the bedroom, like the colour of a wardrobe.’

A neutral bedroom with a stone bedside table

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What colour should bedroom curtains be?

With a recent 5000% rise in Google searches for ‘cream curtains for bedroom’, it’s clear that cream-coloured bedroom curtains are having a moment. But are they the right choice for your bedroom?

‘Cream curtains are popular in bedrooms due to their versatility, as they pair well with almost any colour scheme, making them a safe and stylish choice. They help reflect natural light, making a room feel brighter and more open. Cream has a classic, timeless appeal that adapts to various design trends over time, and its inherently calming effect promotes a peaceful environment conducive to rest and relaxation,’ Alex at Flitch says.

So that’s a thumbs up for cream bedroom curtains which could also be a good option for making your bedroom curtains look expensive. But apart from cream, there are a host of colours that could work just as well - if not better - for your bedroom curtains.

‘Whilst soft neutrals like cream, beige, and light grey, will give you versatility, I’d recommend trying to use the curtains to create a calming effect for a restful bedroom. This can be achieved with soothing pastels such as soft blue, lavender, or mint green. Subtle patterns, such as stripes, florals, and geometric designs, can add interest without overwhelming the space,’ Alex concludes.

The bottom line is that whether you match your bedroom curtains to the walls or not, you should definitely match them to something in the room to avoid a disjointed look.

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