Perrie Edwards is bringing a modern and minimalist twist to retro-inspired decor – how to nail this reimagined '70s aesthetic

Mimic the singer's 'effortless' take on retro

Perrie Edwards
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Perrie Edwards has quickly become an Ideal Home favourite and for good reason seeing as her interior choices are not only right up our street but also incredibly in tune with the latest decor trends. The singer took to Instagram to share a snap seemingly from her first solo project, posing with a retro-inspired bedroom backdrop that is nothing less than visually pleasing to the eye.

It's undeniable that the most popular home decor trends have heavily favoured the retro aesthetic, taking inspiration from the bolder hues and warmer tones of the era, reimagining them with a contemporary twist – and the former Little Mix member is no exception in taking a liking to this rising bedroom decor trend (extending to any room in the home, for that matter).

'Perrie's scheme takes fuss-free to the next level. The lines are clean, the bed is kept minimal and this permits the retro orange headboard to take centre stage against a wooden backdrop for maximum impact,' begins Holly Vaughan, director at Vaughan Design and Development. 'She has nailed the retro-chic look and it appears effortless.'

'We're seeing more and more the idea of 'borrowing' from the past in terms of retro-inspiration, especially from the 70s, whether it be a strong statement hue on one piece of furniture or the use of wood panelling to heighten the sense of dramatism in a space,' explains Ollie Gough from Patience & Gough.

From cosy colour trends to dark wood interiors, the growing appetite for the mid-century living room look does not show any signs of losing steam anytime soon. Holly even notes that they're seeing 'clients welcoming the return of punchy orange as an accent colour alongside earthy hues which can actually transform an interior into a warm inviting space, rather than making dark and drab', further attesting to the ever-growing popularity of this trend.

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What's more, you don't even need to completely commit to the bit to nail the retro-inspired aesthetic. Sahar Saffari, senior designer at Hi-Spec Design explains that the reason why Perrie's backdrop is so pleasing to the eye is because the dark tones paired with the soft off-white are so complementary.

'There has only been a few small touches of retro-inspiration added to the space, yet the space still looks modern and minimalist,' she notes. So, rest assured that you don't need to go ahead and strip your existing room's features to bring a touch of the 70s to your home.

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How to nail the retro-inspired look

'There are so many ways you can incorporate a retro design into your home,' begins Sahar. 'If you're not looking to completely redecorate you can opt for vintage or retro-inspired furniture pieces or accessories, such as Perrie has with the cushions and headboard.'

In terms of colour combinations, Holly suggests considering using brown and rusty orange combinations as the main accent tones. 'We see these in nature every day in beautiful sunsets and natural materials such as wood, and these colours can therefore help to ground an interior.'

'Warmer neutrals with brown tones can also look effective when paired against cooler contrasting blues, or greens. Brown and pale olive green or pale powder blue for instance are also unexpected power couples in this retro-chic style.'

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Shop the trend

Finally, to make the retro aesthetic relevant to a modern home, Ollie's biggest tip is not to go too heavy. 'Remember to mix in your lighter shades and textures, think soft whites and linens to act as a subtle contrast across your room. We recommend incorporating some period furniture into your design, and then luxeing them up, whether that be by incorporating new hardware or adding fabrics, a new coat of paint or oil.'

All in all, Sahar concludes that retro design, like any design, should be enjoyable. 'Experiment and make sure you always have your personality and practicality at the front of your mind, so your design has longevity.'

Perrie's way to make the retro aesthetic work for her was incorporating modern and minimalist features – what will yours be?

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