5 easy ways to create a luxury hotel bedroom at home – to enjoy the extra hour in style!

From the plumping perfect pillows to filling the room with serene scents

This weekend we welcome an extra hour in bed. And what better feeling that spending it in that of a 5 star luxury hotel. But this year is not proving great for checking into a luxurious hotel, so we're welcoming the same feeling but from the comfort of our own homes.

Head of Design at Christy, Lucy Ackroyd, has compiled her Top 5 tips to create a luxury hotel bedroom feeling at home, without breaking the bank.

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Top 5 tips to create a luxury hotel bedroom at home

1. Sink into the softest sheets

bedroom with white wall and wooden beam with pillows on bed and blanket

(Image credit: future PLC/Christy's)

'The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a 5 star hotel is the feeling you get when sinking into the bed' says Lucy. 'The good news is, it’s incredibly easy to replicate this feeling in your own home simply by ensuring you have the best bedding for the job.'

Freshly pressed sheets can go a long way to making the sleep experience feel instantly more luxurious. Yes, ironing bed sheets – it's a thing.

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'Crisp, clean sheets give an instant feeling of luxury. Opt for pure cotton, high thread count linen which will help regulate temperature and moisture levels. Plus, they will feel much smoother against the skin than synthetic offerings'

2. Create a showstopper with layers

bedroom with pillows on bed and cosy blanket

(Image credit: future PLC/Christy's)

One of the easiest ways to welcome a boutique hotel vibe into your bedroom is by making the bed a stunning focal point – dressed to impress.

'When it comes to dressing your bed, building up the perfect number of pillows, cushions and throws will have a big impact on both the style and comfort' Lucy explains.
'On a double bed, go for two pillows on each side and invest in a couple of pillow shams to match your bedding. Place the pillow shams on top of your usual pillows to hide them behind a more elegantly coordinated facade and instantly transport yourself to a 5 star hotel.'

It's all about layering, as Lucy adds, 'Next comes the cushions. Go for somewhere between three and six cushions depending on the width of your bed and group them together by size, with the largest at the back. For the finishing touch, a statement throw (or two!) is essential for a luxe, beautifully dressed bed.'

3. Appeal to the senses with serene scents

This is something hotels do best, that our own homes can lack, and that's the ability to hit all of our senses at once. The sense of smell is key for setting a mood, and also for aiding in sleep and relaxation.

'Lavender has long been known as a popular sleep aid, and for good reason as research highlights the calming effect is has on the nervous system,' Lucy explains. 'To really engage the senses, layer your scents throughout the room - candles will provide additional ambience whilst also giving a glorious hit of fragrance, whilst a diffuser will ensure your choice of aroma hits you every time you enter the room.'

4. Consider calming colours

bedroom with pillows on bed and cosy blanket

(Image credit: future PLC/Christy's)

Hotels put a lot of thought into the colour palette of a bedroom and the emotions they want to evoke in their guests. If you want to really bring the luxury hotel feel into your bedroom, it’s worth looking at your colour palette and if it aligns with the feelings you are trying to conjure up, when spending time in the room.

'White is known for feeling bright and airy, and can help provide a sense of cleanliness' says Lucy. 'Green and blue are both calming colours that evoke the feeling of being outdoors. But make sure to avoid colours like red or orange which are stimulating and could diminish the all important wind-down before sleep.'

5. Consider what's on the inside

While tempting to put all efforts into making the bed look stylish it’s just as important to consider about what’s on the inside. Good quality bedding is what will elevate your sleep to a 5* standard.

'Opt for good quality, filled inner bedding that will stand the test of time and maintain that plush feeling after every wash' Lucy comments. 'Plus, make sure to fluff up pillows and duvets every time you dress your bed for that full, cosy, ‘can’t wait to dive in’ feeling.'

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Enjoy the extra hour in style.


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