The mattress topper I'm buying for my Made Haru sofa bed this Black Friday to make it comfier for guests

The best mattress topper for sofa bed deal I've spotted to make my Made Haru sofa bed comfier for guests Haru sofa bed in marine green
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When I chose the Made Haru sofa bed a year ago I knew its firmness wouldn't suit all guests, so this Black Friday I'm snapping up Panda's bamboo mattress topper deal, which our in-house mattress expert says is the best mattress topper for a sofa bed.

The Made Haru sofa bed might look like one of the best sofa beds, but unfortunately, it's not something you'd want to sleep more than a night or two on. However, with my Mum visiting this December for her birthday I wanted to treat her to a comfier bed set up with the Panda Memory Foam mattress topper so she could get a good night's sleep before a couple of full days of celebrating.

Bamboo Mattress Topper, double| Was £139.95, Now £118.96 at Panda

Bamboo Mattress Topper, double| Was £139.95, Now £118.96 at Panda

Available in 9 different sizes, whatever size your sofa bed is you're sure to find a match with Panda's bamboo mattress topper. It was already among one of the more affordable mattress toppers on the market, but at this discounted price now is the time to jump. 

Panda already has made entries into our best mattress round-ups, and when I mentioned my sofa bed predicament to Ideal Home's mattress expert, Ecommerce Editor Amy Lockwood, she instantly suggested Panda's mattress topper as the best mattress topper for the job. 

Even better, it's currently one of the best Black Friday deals we've seen, reduced from £139.95 to £118.96 for a double in the Panda Black Friday sale.

Choosing a mattress topper for a sofa bed, especially one like the Made Haru bed which is a small double can be tricky. However, what Amy likes best about the Panda mattress topper is that it comes in a huge range of sizes.

'Most sofa beds don't have the same sized sleeping areas as a standard mattress', explains Amy, 'That's why finding the best mattress topper for a sofa bed can be a little tricky. I always recommend the Panda Bamboo Mattress Topper as it comes in loads of different size options, from a UK Single through to EU Emperor, and everything inbetween!'

'It's also been rated 5 out of 5 stars by our review team. At 5cm deep, it may not be the thickest mattress topper out there, but it is made of pure memory foam which does a great job at adding cushioning comfort to a hard surface – like an uncomfortable sofa bed! – as well as masking lumps and bumps underneath. Plus, side sleepers especially will appreciate how pressure points like hips and shoulders sink into the topper for more cushioned support'.

Panda mattress topper on wooden bed

The mattress topper on a standard bed

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So whether you have a Haru sofa bed like me or another unorthodox-size sofa bed, you are more likely to find a perfect fit with this mattress topper. 

But, what about the comfort factor? Panda says this mattress topper has been designed to give you that 'new mattress' feeling. It also features a 'gel-infused technology' that the brand says reacts to your body temperature and keeps you cool throughout the night. Our seasoned sleep testers definitely found it slept cooler than many memory foam mattresses – which bodes well for my guest's sleeping comfortably.

In fact, in our mattress topper buying guide, our sleep experts dubbed it the 'best memory foam mattress topper you can buy', due to the affordable price point and the number of five-star reviews it's racked up. 

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The one challenge I am preparing to overcome is where to store the mattress topper when not in use. However, since it arrives rolled up in a box already, I'm hoping to transfer it to a breathable storage bag to store it in our spare bedding cupboard until guests arrive. 

While I'm hoping this Panda mattress topper finally stops any guest complaining about the firmness of the Made Haru sofa bed, Panda does offer a 30-day sleep trial. If after 30 days I'm not convinced or find I'm defeated by the storage situation I can send it back - sounds like a win-win to me!

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