10 twin nursery ideas to style a baby room ready for double trouble

Practical and stylish inspiration to help you prepare for your new arrivals

Two matching wooden cribs in front of green patterned wall, with cosy rug and blankets
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Having twins on the way should by no means be a compromise on your nursery ambitions. In fact, in the same way that you can expect double the amount of joy when your twins arrive, you can create a nursery that is doubly cosy and inviting, a space that will make your heart sing everytime you step into it.

The best nursery ideas still apply if you're having twins, though you may need to make a few tweaks. 'When planning a nursery you’re going to need to think about the three biggest functions of the room, especially at newborn stage – sleeping, feeding and changing nappies', says Emma Anthony, Design Manager at Dunelm.

The good news is that you only need to double up in the sleeping area. Other furniture like the wardrobe, changing unit, and feeding chair only has to be included once, so no need to worry if you're working with a smaller space. 

Twin nursery ideas

Our twin nursery ideas will help you prepare for your new arrivals so that when the nursery is put into use, things are as easy and comfortable as possible for both you and the babies. From handy storage soloutions to pretty decor suggestions, keep reading to create a Pinterest worthy nursery for your twins.

1. Invest in a matching pair of cots

Two matching wooden cribs in front of green patterned wall, with cosy rug and blankets

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'Likely to be the biggest investment are the two cribs', says Emma Anthony, design expert at Dunelm. 'White furniture provides a clean, bright scandi-style space, while a warm wood finish might inspire a dreamy woodland style.'

The two matching cots will take centre stage in the nursery, so place them side by side (though with enough space between them so you can easily reach into both) and organise the rest of the furniture in relation to them. If you prefer a crisp aesthetic, two white cribs would compliment neutral grey nursery ideas, or opt for warm wooden cribs if you prefer an earthy, rustic vibe. 

2. Try a two-tone colour scheme

Yellow triangle and grey wall, wooden crib with cloud pillow on wooden floor with white rug

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Sticking with the theme of doubles, a two-tone colour scheme would be perfect for a twin nursery to reflect the personality of each baby. You can keep this neutral with grey and white nursery ideas, or incorporate blues and pinks to reflect your babies' genders.

It's a good idea to choose at least one neutral shade, like grey, beige or white, so that you can still create a relaxing aesthetic in the nursery overall. However, don't be afraid to branch out into sunny yellows and sage green nursery ideas for a pop of vibrant colour. 

3. Choose a changing table with storage

White changing table with nappies and other items stored underneath, white chest of drawers on blue floor with rug and toys

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One of the key things to consider when planning your twin nursery is storage, seeing as you'll have certain items in double. A changing table with drawers underneath is a gamechanger, especially if you're working with a smaller space. 

'A changing table or dresser that also doubles up as storage is a good idea for a twin nursery since you will be using two of everything at a time', says Emma from Dunlem. 'That way you can keep clean nappies, wipes and fresh babygrows within arms reach too.'

4. Keep things organised with drawer dividers

White changing table with drawers, grey wall and white cot with grey rug and starry wallpaper

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Two babies means two sets of clothes, but instead of buying seperate storage units, simply adding some drawer dividers will help keep everything organised in a way that makes sense to you. 

The best drawer organisers can be a really budget-friendly way of separating one baby's things from the other, and make dressing time in the morning run smoothly. Plus, you'll smile every time you open the drawers to see neatly organised rows of adorable little outfits.

5. Be creative with a playful blackout blind

Safari themed patterned blind on window in blue and grey nursery

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A blind that completely blocks out sunlight is especially useful in a nursery for twins, where you want to make the evening wind down run as smoothly as possible. 

The blind will help the little ones know when it's time for bed, and ease their transition into waking up in the morning. The nursery is a great place to play with colourful blinds in pretty patterns, that way it can become a stylish feature in the nursery whilst serving its purpose. 

However, do be careful when installing blinds. If they come with any loops or cords make sure they are secured with a safety device to keep them out of the hands of children. 

6. Curate a display of toys and books

Neutral wall with open shelving unit containing books, toys and bunting, next to ladder and red tricycle

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A display of books, toys and cuddly accessories is a charming addition to a nursery and can help bring a personal touch if you include a mixture of your twins' favourite items. Or if you're still awaiting your new arrival, choose some classic hardback stories and a couple of cute teddies and place them on shelves or open storage units. 

You can add to these as your babies get older and start to express their own individual likes, and even give them each separate shelves to allow them space to express themselves.

7. Include somewhere for you to sit

Grey armchair and footstool with wooden frames, complete with blanket and moon shaped cushion in front of white cot

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A comfy chair for you to sit in during feeding time is a twin nursery essential. You'll want one that's spacious and extra comfy, so you feel supported when you're breastfeeding or holding both babies at once. 

A wooden rocking chair with a cushion throw adds a traditional, homey touch to a nursery and is ideal for helping babies relax while you feed them. Or opt for a big cosy armchair for extra comfort, you can even accessorise it with a textured cushion to complement a boho nursery scheme.

'Complete your armchair with a small footstool or pouffe', suggests Dunelm's design expert. 'It'll allow you to put your feet up while sitting, or doubles up as an extra seat if it’s all hands on deck!'

8. Liven up a dull wall with framed prints

Three framed prints on wall next to shelves with books, on two tone sage green wall

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Wall prints are a simple but effective way to decorate a twin nursery, as they'll add charm to the room without contributing to the clutter when space is at a premium. You can create a gallery wall by hanging three large prints next to each other, or simply pop a couple on shelves next to books and toys.

A nice idea to personalise things for the twins is to hang two customised prints above their cribs, each with their name and date of birth on. This will bring a little individuality into the nursery while creating a nice symmetrical aesthetic.

9. Add a clothes peg to feature the outfits of the day

room with peg rail and teddy

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole)

Getting the little ones dressed for the day can frankly be a challenge, especially when you're facing double trouble. A peg rail will help you organise baby clothes for the day so that they're ready when you are, and you don't have to start scrambling between babygrows and pyjamas while the twins are getting impatient. 

Plus, you get to show off all those adorable little outfits that would otherwise be hidden away! 

10. Incorporate a mixture of open and hidden storage

White open storage cabinet with cuddly toys, books and a box of lego pieces, next to basket of teddies

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Having storage units where you can display some items and hide others from view is ideal in a twin nursery. You'll have a practical place to store everything and be able to create some visual variety that looks good. 

Modular shelving units are a great investment because they can be adapted to hold closed cabinets as well as open shelves. The versatility means they should outlive the nursery and progress with your twins into their first big kid's room. 

Should twins have the same nursery?

'Having twins in the same nursery can be a good idea for both the parents and babies', says Jumaimah Hussain, Showroom Store Manager at Kiddies Kingdom

'For parents, it’s a matter of safety and convenience to have everything you need for the babies in one room. For the twins, separation can be tough, so to have each other in the same nursery will likely provide a sense of comfort.'

It's a lot easier to combine the twins' room into one than to create separate nurseries, which of course might not even be an option for everyone. Having a twin nursery doesn't mean you need to compromise on their individuality either; as they get older, you can include the babies' favourite items around the room, and create dedicated spaces for each of them. 

What do you need in a nursery for twins?

A common misconception is that having twins means you need to buy double of everything, and somehow find double the space. 'Having two bundles of joy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to purchase two of everything,' clarifies Katherine Lemin, Category Lead for Nursery at John Lewis

'When it comes to sleep it’s best to ensure you have one cot for each baby but think practically about changing spaces as you are unlikely to change two nappies at once.' So though you'll need to invest in separate cribs, you can save space by having a shared changing table and wardrobe. 

The key is to have plenty of storage, so a dressing table with spacious drawers underneath is ideal. Separating the twins' things with drawer organisers will be really useful. Storage baskets are handy to have around the room, so you can easily access nappies and baby wipes. 

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