The best book Christmas trees of 2017

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  • Forget foliage, that's so last Christmas! This year's festive centrepieces are much more imaginative, have you seen the trend for book Christmas trees? They celebrate all your favourite novels, and won't drop. Perfect! Check out these beautiful bookmas trees for inspiration...

    Have you seen the growing trend for book Christmas trees? We’ve colour coded our book cases before now, so what’s stopping us using colourful books as alternative Christmas decorations? The only thing stopping us until now has been our lack of imagination, but fear not there’s always Instagram for that.

    If you’re a self-proclaimed bookwork what better way to celebrate your love of books than make them your festive decoration centrepiece this year? To help inspire you here’s some inspiration from the best book trees of 2017 so far…

    Don’t fancy a book tree? Have you seen that Ladder Christmas trees are set to be elevated to new heights for 2017!

    UPDATE ON TREE… we’ve now put baubles!! #bookchristmastree #christmas #books

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    This book tree is certainly the main attraction in this library. The added on-trend tinsel and baubles go a long way to dress this tree for festivities.

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    Simple fairy lights and a chemistry jar are jazzy up this tree – because that’s perfectly normal right?

    What’s not to love about elegant green books stacked to perfection? The bold baubles look pretty awesome on this book Christmas tree too.

    Really make your book tree stand out by elevating it on a table – good idea if it turns out you don’t have as many books as you thought.

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    AWC library getting ready for holiday season!#library #awc #academiclibrary #bookchristmastree

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    A great idea to utilise shelf space. The tinsel and lights on this creation are draped exactly as they would be on a real tree for a more authentic feel (as authentic as a book tree can be obviously).

    Sticking to one colour helps to make more of an impact. This red stack with a hat tree topper is fit for Santa’s home.

    Clever! #booktree #bookchristmastree

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    All green books are stacked on shelves to form a tall ‘tree’. Although minimal this tree has a gang of festive reindeer for company.

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Book Lady! #bookchristmastree

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    Here’s a stack with a difference. Open books are arranged in descending size order to create the perfect tree shape.

    Slightly off the wall from stacking books, but a ‘page tree’ is an imaginative use of old books all the same.

    This little chap was from last year, but he’s too cute not to include for a second year.

    This year has been an interesting one to say the least. But through all the trials and tribulations it’s brought, one thing’s for sure: a good book is always there for you. Novels to escape into and to transport you away to magical lands and mystical times, non fiction to make you wonder at the world. Books are what keep us together through thick and thin.

    Will you be stacking your books this Christmas? We’d love to see your creations if you do, tag us on Instagram @idealhomeuk #bookchristmastree

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