Christmas bauble display ideas that will put a creative spin on tradition

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  • Deck your halls, vases, wreaths and place settings with baubles this Christmas with these innovative display ideas

    Made completely and utterly fashionable by Queen Victoria after she was photographed in front of an adorned tree, baubles are the chic items that transform our Christmas trees into deliciously decadent marvels each.

    The delicate little decorations will inevitably break after being packed poorly last year, play ball with your cat and be the item of lust your child will try and grab with every chance they get, but Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them.

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    Here’s how to put a creative spin on the classic decoration…

    Put on a bauble array


    Image credit: Sussie Bell

    Fill glass pots, vases and dishes with baubles and line every free table space with these gems. Create a truly showstopping spread by mixing the bauble displays with fake snow and festive foliage.

    Make a fireplace feature


    Image credit: Emma Lee

    If you aren’t using your fire this winter but have a large cavern to fill, then stuff a log basket with hundreds of beautiful baubles before stringing stockings from it, positioning candles on top and sprinkling with strands of foliage.

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    Create a new nativity


    Image credit: Paul Raeside

    Be super stylish and give your traditional nativity scene a glamorous spin this year. Replace figurines with giant baubles in Christmas colours, completing your scene with metallic trees.

    Set your table with a dapper display


    Image credit: Jonathan Gregson

    Add some bauble tradition to your dining table this year by adding a small display to each place setting. Match a bauble to the colour of your plates and napkins to create a smart place setting for your festive feast.

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    Tier baubles on your chandelier


    Image credit: Chris Everard

    Baubles need not only hang from your tree, but can also hang throughout the house. Strung from a simple light the cascading balls will form a festive halo decoration.

    Add more to your door

    Not only does this door display modernise the traditional circular wreath by reshaping it into your family’s initial, it has also been made out of baubles to give it a contemporary twist.

    Stairway to bauble heaven

    Cover your barren staircase with clusters of tree decorations and balls hanging from thick strands of ribbon. Lining the steps with festive decorations will get all the family excited as they come down on Christmas Day.

    Beautiful baubles for your bouquets

    Pot your poinsettia and festive flowers in lavish vases adorned with decorations. Hide a flower oasis by cramming baubles of all shapes and sizes down the side.

    Make a feature of a candle

    Surround a simple candle with these glass wonders to create an enriched holder. The flicker of the flame will shine through the delicate balls and omit a deep glow across the tabletop.

    Deck the halls and the walls


    Image credit: Simon Bevan

    Cover any wall art you have (whether that be a unicorn head or a gallery of family photos!) with strings of baubles and reels of ribbon for an instant festive make over that doesn’t need a tree.

    Give your wreath a bauble overhaul

    Instead of opting strictly for foliage this year, make a door wreath with baubles and large loops of luscious ribbon. You’ll have all the neighbours talking and trying their hand at bauble bouquets next year.

    Shower your home with bauble droplets


    Cover your home in strings of cascading baubles and other tree decorations like these. Make them out of left over baubles or last year’s colour scheme and pin them in front of barren walls and windows for a sprinkling of Christmas spangle.

    Create a sassy new table signature

    Be inventive with your table name cards this year by detaching the ribbon from a bauble and slotting a name card through the loophole. Super easy and super chic, these place settings will go down a treat with your meal.

    Display a bowl full of baubles

    Pop baubles in with your potpourri to make an attractive coffee table or kitchen centrepiece. Compliment the colours of the incense bowl with baubles in the same tone.

    How will you be decorating with baubles this Christmas?

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