12 thoughts everyone has when doing the Christmas shopping

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  • A dozen regrets, anxieties and concerns felt by everyone when they pound the festive shopping streets

    Often the most dreaded fiasco of the entire festive period – Christmas shopping – is upon us! All singing, all dancing shop floors have been transformed into Santa’s grotto and gift-wrapping stations are run by busy little elves.

    Whenever you get round to the deed, these thoughts will no doubt be passing through your mind as your legs begin to fail and bags begin to split…

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    1. I’m buying more for myself than anyone else here


    Image credit: Mark Scott

    Tempted by all the sparkly things in store, you will find yourself picking up a few bits for yourself along the way… Stop! You won’t have anything left on your own Christmas list.

    2. Why didn’t I shop online?


    The relaxed, festive day you had planned has already unravelled into mayhem and you’re only in the first shop. Regrets are boiling and already you are lusting after your bed and home deliveries.

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    3. Why didn’t we do Secret Santa?


    Image credit: Emma Mitchell

    Ahh, the bliss of just buying for one person. Shopping would be quicker, easier and cheaper – why did we not do Secret Santa with all the family this year?

    4. I’m sure I can get this cheaper elsewhere

    Pennies will start mounting and slowly you resent paying for items that you know you could get cheaper online. Don’t torture yourself, you’re here now, spend the extra £3.

    5. Trying to mentally calculate how much you have spent so far. Budget? What budget?

    You have been attempting to keep track of your spending, jotting down numbers in your head or punching them in on your phone’s calculator, but by the 48th shop you can’t walk let alone multiply.

    6. If I hear ‘All I want for Christmas’ one more time…

    Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, The Twelve Days Of Christmas, All I Want For Christmas Is You…The list of Christmas shopping tunes is so repetitive that you will eventually grow immune to them, we promise.

    7. Why aren’t there more tills open?

    On some of the busiest shopping days of the year, why is there just one till open yet a million people at the door welcoming you in?

    8. I like this, so I hope they will too


    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    This is not a sound shopping strategy. However if they don’t like it, you can always keep it…

    9. Wrapping! What colour scheme? How much do I buy? Do we get fancy ribbon or just stick a gift tag on?


    Image credit: Ania Wawrzkowicz

    Every year you will have intentions to wrap presents with pretty paper, strands of ribbon and Christmas berries and conifer cones swinging from tags… In reality, you won’t buy enough paper, forget the tags and rip up the ribbon.

    10. Is it time for a coffee stop yet?


    Image credit: Carolyn Barber

    Feet are swelling under the pressure of your thick coat and loaded bags as you frantically look for the closest coffee shop. Is that a green Starbucks sign I see?!

    11. I should have started this earlier

    You will all get this thought at one point or another and vow to start earlier next year. Come next year, you are still having the same regrets…

    12. There should be extra parking spaces at Christmas time

    Why is there never anywhere to park? And why have so many spaces been taken up by the hand car wash guys? No one wants their car cleaned, they just need to shop.

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