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In our interview series, we talk to our favourite bloggers about their trend predictions and styles. Here, we meet Maxine Brady...

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1. Which trend would you like to see the back of in 2017 – and why?

Interior trends are a great way to get people excited about their homes. Splash of green here, a gallery wall over there or a statement armchair in a corner – it’s all about reviving your rooms with a few key ideas. As trends pass so quickly these days, I never get bored of one particular one – as I know they will fade and in it’s place a new idea or concept will crop up that will get my heart racing and brain buzzing. I write lots of posts on up-and-coming trends and I never get bored.

2. Denim Drift and Greenery and are colours of the year – which one would you choose?

I’m all about the inky-blues, I think that is because I live by the seaside in Brighton. But after a recent trip to the Philippines, where everything was so green and vibrant – I’ve had my eyes opened to using ‘Greenery’ in my home (in small amounts).

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3. When decorating a room, where should you spend your money and where should you NEVER cut corners?

Ooh – good question! It’s worth spending money on the fundamental basics of a room - like decent flooring, smooth plastered walls or lovely internal doors. We’ve all seen cheap laminate looking shoddy after a few years haven’t we? Good paint is also a worthy investment as with cheaper brands as you need more coats so you end up spending the same amount in some cases. In my own home, I paid a little more by upscaling the architectural touches – like nice skirting, ceiling roses and replacing white plastic light switches for nice black ones. You can always shop around for expensive brands on-line for the best prices to make your decorating budget stretch a bit further.

4. What’s your favourite room in your home and why?

God, I love every room in my home – mainly as I have just renovated it from top-to-bottom. My bathroom is extra special with the beautiful roll top bath (a long-term dream of mine) and my kitchen has become instagram famous with the patterned flooring. I’m still working on my living room and dining area – but I love having a project on the go.

5. Describe your style in three words:

Begged, borrowed and blue

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6. Where do you find your inspiration?

With my day job as an interior stylist, I get to photograph the interior of beautiful homes for magazines and TV shows. I’ve styled inside castles, new-builds as well as boats, penthouse apartments to classic family homes. I tend to steal at least one or two ideas from each house. I’m a design magpie.

7. What interiors objects are you currently lusting over?

Where do I start? I’d love a new bed for my spare room – something upholstered and lush – I love Sweetpea & Willow’s designs. Then I’d like a new side tables for my living room but can’t find any that I quite like. The best bit about decorating a home is shopping for things without ever making a purchase! I’ve wasted many joyful hours trawling the internet for the perfect thing for my home.

8. What one colour would you never decorate with? And what is your favourite colour to decorate with?

Never say never when it comes to colours. But my least favourite shades are mulberry/wine tones or a dark brown – which were my school uniform colours. I’m more drawn to whites, greys, pastels – and more recently black and navy in tiny splashes.

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9. How would you give your home a new lease of life without breaking the bank?

When I first bought my house, I filled the whole place with furniture I found on the street. It’s amazing what people throw out – and what you can salvage. When I saved up enough to replace things, I would sell them on gumtree. My home is constantly evolving as I buy and sell to suit my ever-changing tastes.

10. What’s the most common decorating mistake you see?

Getting the scale of furniture all wrong. I so often see a gigantic sofa teamed with a diddy rug no bigger than a bathmat. Or the opposite, buying a tiny table and chairs set for a large family dining room. You need space to move around a room but the furniture needs to be comfortable and a welcoming addition to a space.

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