6 of the coolest chandelier styles around

You'll be swinging from the chandeliers with these modern designs

Chandeliers have been around in one form or another since at least the 14th century, which means there are hundreds of styles to choose from, from sparkling crystal to black chandeliers, so how do you sort through this plethora of lighting options to find an illuminating statement piece for your modern home? Well, we've made an edit of 6 of our favourite ways to make chandeliers rock in 2016.

room with staircase and ceiling light

(Image credit: Black Chandeliers)

1, Monochromatic magic

While chandeliers are traditionally made with crystals, we think this beaded option brings this piece into modernity. While the shape and size echo conventional designs, the monochrome vibe of the staircase as a whole and the large cream beads and black ironwork mean it is assuredly a modern addition. Try Abigail Ahern for similar pieces.

bedroom with white wall and bed with golden ceiling light

(Image credit: black chandeliers)

2, A splash of colour

On the other end of the spectrum we have the coloured lighting fixture. With the blown glass detailed drops highlighting the ombré shading, the effect is simultaneously both soft and striking. Such a perfect addition for a bedroom - even the dullest of evenings will seem warmer with a piece like this!

living room with wooden flooring and wall with sofa set

(Image credit: black chandeliers)

3, Refreshing the past

Who says modern homes must reject tradition? This ship-shaped piece perfectly straddles the line between now and the past, by being quirky while also harking back to early 19th century lights favoured by aristocrats with a love for the sea - check out some National Trust homes like Castle Ward for some more inspiration; you'll be surprised how well the study's similar chandelier to this one works in a country manor as it does in this cool modern home.

living room with sofa set and sparrow ceiling lights

(Image credit: black chandeliers)

4, Art meets function

Speaking of quirkily shaped chandeliers, why not go two-for-one by integrating your lighting with a sculptural art piece? We adore the use of the birds dangling from this high-ceilinged room which adds both a sense of fun and drama. The grey tones of the room reaches up to the sparrows, drawing the eye further upwards, making the most of the height.

bedroom with wooden cot and bed with white ceiling light

(Image credit: black chandeliers)

5, Weightless Lace

Don't just see chandeliers as big, heavy pieces only suited to entrance halls and large living rooms as when made with the right material even statement lighting seems soft and calming. The crochet and lace detail on the light above adds an extra sense of delicate feminine beauty to this desert-chic bedroom without overwhelming the gentle tones of the rest of the furniture.

dining area with flower decorated ceiling light

(Image credit: black chandeliers)

6, A touch of textured fun


We love this pom-pom inspired red chandelier, adding some extra colour and texture to the room, highlighting the red tones of the seating and the rug without creating a scarlet fever overload. How? By working a variety of shades into the chandelier, while using the scrunched-up texture to add even more varieties into the one piece.

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