An interesting alternative to net curtains

Blossom & Brush has created a stylish new method for creating privacy

If you’re looking for a way to gain privacy that doesn’t involve frosted glass, net curtains or shutters, new company Blossom & Brush could be your answer. The company creates bespoke window film in a range of intricate decorative designs. The film blocks 99% of UV light and makes glass shatterproof.

Blossom & Brush was formed when fashion designer Rhiannon Southwell wanted privacy for her London Victorian house. “The front room is lovely and big with a large bay window. It looks onto the street and we found people often peeked in to look at the interior we’d been working on” she explains.

“At first we were flattered. Then we wanted our privacy, but net curtains looked too old fashioned – not in a good way. Blinds made us think of offices, etched glass was too permanent, and shutters were too bulky and dark.”

“At first I painted the windows by hand each time, which was fun, but not practical. I found an excellent printer who can provide semi-permanent film with my bespoke designs on. This means anyone around the world can send me the dimensions of their panes and I can create a beautiful design for them. It’s now a thriving business.”

Rhiannon has already grown the range of designs and takes on bespoke
commissions. Each film is designed to fit individual window panes and
prices start from around £60 for a small window. So far clients have tended to opt for
treating the lower pane for privacy without a loss of light.

The film is easy to fit and semi-permanent. It will last as long as you want it
to and can be cleaned easily – just like cleaning a normal window. It
can also be easily removed and won’t affect the glass at all.

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