Give you home an instant update with this genius feature wall idea

All you need are a handful of tester pots
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  • Confetti walls are an easy and affordable way to add a splash of colour to your home. And this look isn’t just for kids rooms, it can liven up walls all over the house.

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    With many of us back to working from home for the foreseeable future, you might be looking for a way to give your home a boost with colour. If you don’t have the time or funds to repaint all the walls, a confetti effect feature wall is the perfect short cut to a punchy pattern and colour.

    We have seen the confetti look used in kids bedrooms. However, in the last six months, the playful design has crept into home offices, bathrooms and jazzed up living rooms.

    confetti wall 1

    Image credit: Dulux

    To create the look you don’t need to invest in expensive wall stickers. Dulux has put together a simple tutorial to help you achieve the look at home with leftover paint or a couple of tester pots.

    Confetti wall

    What you need:

    250ml tester pots of your chosen colours

    30 sheets of A3 paper for templates

    2 A1 sheets of Oiled Manila stencil card

    Card knife

    Cutting mat


    Tape measure

    Spirit level

    Coloured chalk and string

    Masking tape

    Foam rollers and trays

    Dust sheet

    confetti wall 2

    Image credit: Dulux


    1.Draw around a plate or paint can make a circular paper template.

    2.Cut out three stencils using a craft knife in the stencil card.

    3.Using a tape measure put the templates in place. Use a spirit level to mark the height of the first line on which the circles will sit. Do this at both ends of the wall.

    3. Measure our a piece of string as long as the wall and pull it over a stick of chalk. Tie a knot at one end and secure it to the mark on the wall with masking tape.

    4. Pull the string across to line up with the mark you made at the other end of the wall. Snap the string against the surface. You now have a straight line to follow.

    5.Useing the paper circle templates and a bit of masking tape to position the circles on top of the line. Space them out with a 3cm gap between each circle or position them based on what looks best on your wall.

    6.Once all the templates are in place, line up the stencil with the first template. Lift the template and leave the stencil in place, holding it with masking tape.

    7.Use the foam roller and fill in the stencilled shape. Continue along the wall, one colour at a time until you’ve finished. Top tip – be careful not to load the roller with too much paint.

    Confetti wall 3

    Image credit: Dulux

    You can adapt this method to create a whole range of designs. Swap your circular stencils for rectangles for a sprinkle confetti effect.

    For a scattered confetti effect, look skip the string step and instead take time to line the stencils up into a playful design.

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    Will you be trying this look at home?

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