Green skirting boards hidden behind the sofa and a rug to hide a multitude of sins…what’s your guilty decorating secret?

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  • We may be interior design experts, but behind every closed door is a decorating secret or two...

    We’ve all done it – a secret decorating botch job to finish the work a little earlier and a little cheaper. But that’s ok – fridges don’t get moved and no one looks behind the curtains, right?

    Here are just a few of our shameful decorating secrets that may make you feel a little better about your own blunders…

    Ignoring the skirting board behind furniture

    Skirting boards are the bane of decorating – who has time to prime, paint and polish a piece of wood that no one really appreciates? It’s completely acceptable to skip the bits of board that big pieces of furniture cover… right?

    Buying a rug to hide a multitude of sins

    Whether the floorboards don’t match, there’s a stain on the carpet or you’re hiding patterned laminate flooring from the 80s, rugs hide a multitude of decorating sins. Who’s ever going to suspect that your traditional heritage rug or fluffy shagpile is secretly hiding something?

    Considering all tones of cream paint to be Magnolia

    Magnolia paint has been our saviour more times than we care to remember. Whether hiding some grubby fingerprints or covering some old holes, we have touched in any vaguely creamy, beigey, whitey wall in the sturdy colour.

    Using glue as a solution to all sticking problems

    Glue should strictly be saved for arts and crafts, not sticking curtain tiebacks in place or securing the sill that broke on the backdoor. Yet we are all secret superglue culprits.

    Masking the problem with a wall hanging

    Water stains, paint-tester patches, grubby marks and old switches – hanging a painting, mirror or piece of art will hide them all. Just as a temporary fix, you know, until you get round to it…

    Covering a botch-job with a huge plant

    Big planters are highly fashionable and add a little life to the room, but these aren’t their only uses. Behind most overgrown pots and canopies of leaves is a dodgy socket, cracked tile or broken brick.

    Are you guilty as charged?

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