How to make a word-design cushion

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    Call it a clever ploy, but a word-design cushion will make your guests feel right at home, especially if you style it in the right way. We’ve turned up the fashion stakes with our ‘style’ version on a designer-look chair.

    Takes 45 min per cushion

    Costs £27.18 for two

    What you’ll need

    Charcoal and grey felt, both £9.60 per m, Craft Fabrics

    Computer and printer

    2 x Rectangle cushion pads (30cm x 60cm), £3.99 each, Dunelm Mill

    For the pale-grey cushion, cut a 60cm x 30cm piece in each of the two felt colours.

    Cut two 35cm x 30cm back pieces in grey felt. Type the word STYLE in a 40 point font in
    a Word document and print. Cut the letters out, pin onto the grey felt and cut around them.

    Place the charcoal
    felt underneath your grey felt (the piece with the letters cut out) so
    the edges of the rectangles meet. Machine-stitch around each letter,
    0.5cm away from the cut edges.

    Place the letter front right-side down on the table. Place your two
    back pieces of grey felt on top the front piece, so the edges overlap by
    5cm in the middle to make an envelope-style opening. Pin and machine-stitch around the cushion 1cm in from the edge. Add the pad.

    Repeat the process to make the charcoal version, this time cutting the letters and two back pieces from the charcoal felt.

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