Pinterest’s predictions for the hottest home trends in 2017

If 2016 didn't feel like #winning, then look ahead to 2017 - it's time for #pinning

If we wanted to apply a house metaphor to 2016, it's basically been the equivalent of buying an amazing dream house and rocking up with the keys on moving day, primed with excitement and plans for the future... only to step through the door and discover that the whole place is rotten and riddled with wood worm. Frankly, the only way to deal with a situation like that - seeing as you can't go back in time and prevent the deal - is to rip the whole thing apart and start fresh. So, we've decided that's what (mentally) we're going to do; toss this year out like a skip-full of renovation rubble, and take consolation in the fresh slate that the upcoming year offers. Cue sparkles, trumpet fanfares and... brand new trends!

2017. Like a blank canvas, freshly plastered wall or steam-cleaned stone floor... it's primed and ready for us to make our mark on. And, armed with Pinterest's predictions for the hottest home ideas for the coming year, which are based on the upward fluxes in the site's 75 billion (yes, that's 75 BILLION) ideas, we're raring to go.

Into the woods

kitchen with wooden flooring and marble worktop

(Image credit: Future PLC/Nato Welton)

If the increase in interest in touchable wooden tiling is anything to go by, the dominance of the classic metro tile may be coming to an end. Whether it's diagonal slats, vertical overlaps or parquetry-like designs on the walls, tiling or cladding in rich wooden textures are a natural contender.

Ways to display

pretty ditsy floral country cottage attic bedroom

(Image credit: TBC)

Clear up your vitamins, night cream jars and dirty tea cups - the bedside table is smartening up its act and becoming more of a display space that ties in with the rest of the bedroom decorating scheme. Think well-considered clusters of candles and cute plants, a streamlined or statement lamp or a neatly arranged inspiring book or two. Calm bedroom, restful sleep.

City farm

farmhouse kitchen with attached dining area

(Image credit: TBC)

Farmhouse style is not restricted to the country - if the stats are anything to go by (they are), there's a surge of interest in this warm and familiar rustic style in urban areas. One note on this, white and grey finishes are looking to be the most lusted after, probably because they straddle the ground between modern and country styles.

Hygge is HUGE

lounge area with fireplace and arm chair with pillow

(Image credit: TBC)

It's captured the imagination of more than one nation beyond it's original home in Denmark,  and the principles of the hygge lifestyle are going nowhere - in fact, they're now translating into a fascination with Danish decor. If natural materials and pared-back sophistication are your thing, you'll be pining after this one.

Hanging gardens of... every home?

mini cacti with gold shelves and glass terrariums

(Image credit: Futurte PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Surround yourself with nature - in a well-curated contemporary way - with hanging plants. Light, luscious and leafy, plant-pots arranged delicately in wall-hung vases or gently cascading from planters attached to the ceiling bring a fresh, airy feel to a living space.

Large-scale luxury

living room with wooden flooring and armchair

(Image credit: TBC)

On the scale of things that make you go 'oooooh', anything clad in marble gets our vote. The thing is, it's not the cheapest material (being that it's a luxury one), so when we see there's a trend for large-scale (realistic) marble wallpaper...? Well, we're listening.

Clear leader

home office room with wooden flooring

(Image credit: TBC)

Don't be put off by us saying the word 'acrylic' please. The Pinterest boards are packed with unexpectedly beautiful/ streamlined/ light-looking pieces made from this material. The translucent finish offers a sort of gravity-defying, mind-bending profile to living spaces.

Call for copper

bathroom with copper bathtub

(Image credit: TBC)

Yes, copper has been on the scene for what seems like forever in decorating trend terms, but it's not tapering off any time soon. In fact, copper's popularity is increasing... rapidly... still! Find new ways to apply it, or mix up a new colour palette to blend it with to keep the look fresh.

Hidden charms

kitchen with cabinets and glass door

(Image credit: TBC)

Not the most glamorous of trends, but sometimes we have to think of practicalities at home too. So, underfloor heating. A big focus for 2017. Forgive us if we maybe focus a little more on what flooring we lay over the top though!

Blue is the colour

study room with blue wall

(Image credit: TBC)

Move over white, grey and shades of black - now it's all about moody blues. And why not? Deep, dark blues are beautiful with natural woods and metallic finishes, can be coupled with most other colours in the spectrum and, frankly, they're just plain chic.


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