5 ways to add some bite to your bark

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  • A timeless classic, wood has always been one of the most versatile materials. With unique markings and a natural mix of shades, it’s no wonder we’re head over heels! But why use just the material when you can turn it into a whole look?

    1. Experiment with different types of wood

    We already know you can never go wrong with wood, so surely the more the better? A mix of materials adds depth to a room and gives furniture an expensive, bespoke look.

    Combine dark blacks with raw neutrals for distinct drama with a soft edge.

    2. Stick to a colour scheme

    Wood is a colour in itself, so there’s no need to overcompensate with a rainbow of shades. Pale pastels go particularly well with light coloured wood, creating a cool summer feel; while dark colours resonate the gothic Victorian era.

    3. Think outside the box

    Why not take a little risk and reinterpret the typical; you can use wood without using wood. This bark-textured wallpaper is not only eye-catching, but brings the outdoor in with a bewitching touch, reminiscent of a fairytale. Certainly adds that much needed bite!

    4. Utilise wood’s raw texture

    The best thing about wood is its natural rawness; whether you want a smooth worktop or a stool with a rough character, wood can be moulded to suit you. Textured furniture can give your home a surprisingly eye-catching edge, one you’ll be desperate to reach out and touch.

    5. Less isn’t always more

    Overdoing it isn’t necessarily a bad thing; you can match oak with oak and still have so much variation.

    Triple your timber for an OTT look that gets it just right.

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