The best thing to plant in your garden 'right now', according to David Domoney

There's no greater time than the present to get this job done

Strawberries in planter on top of wooden table
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Celebrity gardener, David Domoney, reveals what you should be planting in your garden 'right now' – and you're going to want to add it to your list of garden jobs to get done this weekend.

If you already know or are learning how to grow your own fruit and vegetables ahead of the spring season, then this piece of garden advice has come at the best time.

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What you should plant in your garden right now

In an interview with Ideal Home, we asked English Chartered Horticulturist, David Domoney, what we should be growing in our gardens this April. And although this is a great time to sow runner beans for example and he believes everyone should be growing their own fruit and veg at home, one thing in particular sprung to mind.

'Plant fruit,' he says. 'Get them into the ground to establish them – anything from raspberries, and strawberries, to blueberries. Even fruit trees like apples or pears.'

'Fruit is the best thing to plant in your garden right now.'

Strawberries in planter on top of wooden table

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Considering that we keep spotting the strawberry motif trend almost everywhere on social media and as a growing home decor trend, it's probably safe to say that berry season is certainly among us.

If outdoor space is at a premium, what's great about growing small fruits like berries is that you can grow your own fruit and veg in pots on a windowsill or balcony.

Utilising vertical space is always a great option if you're in need of a small garden idea. There are plenty of strawberry planters to shop on Amazon, like this strawberry planter stacking pot, available to buy for £18.99.

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David continues, 'This time in spring, plants are important. Plants can make us feel good inside through our sensory experiences of touch, smell, sight, and taste.'

'Engaging your senses with plants enriches the heart and helps our mental and physical well-being.'

Fruits laid out on top of kitchen sink countertop and windowsill

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David Domoney's website is jam-packed with loads of resources and inspiring ideas available for free if you need a little nudge to start intentionally engaging with the nature around you.

Therefore, if you've been meaning to indulge your green thumb for a while now, consider this your sign to get started, even if it's just small.

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