Do you have a glass-topped outdoor table? Then you’ll want to read this urgent fire safety advice

Keep your garden safe with these simple tips

Garden with table and chairs set and garden mirror on brick wall.
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Although soaring temperatures mean more time spent in your garden basking in the sun, there are a few things you need to be aware of to keep your home as safe as possible.

If you're a lover of modern garden furniture and own tables with glass inlays, experts are warning that you might need to reposition it in order to avoid the risk of a fire. Some of the best garden furniture includes glass, largely thanks to the easy-to-clean benefits and contemporary look, but if positioned incorrectly they can pose a fire hazard when temperatures rise. 

'Glass and mirrored features in the garden are perfectly safe when they’re positioned and made correctly,' advises John Cutts, founder of MeandMyGlass.

But, 'when temperatures rise, your mirrors can reflect and magnify the heat from the sun and if it’s facing something flammable like fences it could be a fire risk.'

Luckily, you can enjoy spending time in your outdoor living room when it's warm without worrying about glass furniture by following a few simple rules to store and position it properly. 

How to position glass garden furniture to avoid a fire

While glass garden furniture can pose a risk in the sun, the good news is that you don't have to get rid of it or avoid shopping for it. Instead, with just a few careful considerations as to how you're positioning it in your garden, you can keep your outdoor living area – and home – safe and stylish. 

1. Add a furniture cover

Garden with set of beige rattan furniture with glass top on table.

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While you might have included a garden shed idea in your outdoor layout that's spacious enough to store garden furniture, sometimes it's simply too large or inconvenient to move. In this case, making use of a furniture cover – like these outdoor furniture covers from Amazon – will help to protect from the risk of a fire when your furniture isn't in use. 

'If the glass is too heavy to lift or you are unable to remove it from the table, you can always opt for using a suitable furniture cover to ensure it still remains protected,' John advises. 

This is also great for the opposing side of British weather, as it will prevent your garden furniture from being damaged by rain or severe weather conditions.

2. Position in a shaded area

Garden with shaded decking area and garden furniture on it.

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You might be tempted to position your garden furniture in the sunniest spot in your garden, but this has the potential to increase the risk of a fire. Instead, consider placing it in an area that is partially shaded throughout the day, so that direct sunlight isn't hitting a glass table for too long.  

This is also a prime chance to make the most of patio ideas that may be shaded. A patio is a great place to position furniture, so if you have a corner that is out of the sun then why not make this the dining zone. 

3. Keep mirrors at bay

Garden with table and chairs set and garden mirror on brick wall.

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Garden mirror ideas can be the perfect finishing touch to an outdoor space, but they can pose a fire risk when temperatures start to soar. As the mirror reflects the sun it starts to heat up, potentially causing a fire. 

'Ideally, your mirror should be put somewhere it’s partially covered and under some shade. Even in a shaded spot the mirror will open up your garden and add an extra element to your outdoor space without creating a fire hazard,' advises John. 

'When possible, place some greenery in front of mirrors, not only will it cover the surface but it can open up your outdoor space to create the illusion of a bigger garden.'

4. Opt for safety glass

Garden with decking area with white table and chairs.

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When shopping for garden furniture, any models with glass should be made with tempered or safety glass, which is designed to withstand higher heats. However, if you're DIYing your own garden set and want to add a glass top, this is something to be aware of. 

'When it comes to glass tables or glass covers that sit on top of garden tables, they should be built for hot weather. That being said, poorly manufactured versions could shatter under extreme temperatures so it’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight altogether,' John recommends.

'Outdoor glass should be thick, and made of tempered or safety glass.'

Where to buy garden furniture

Whether you're shopping for glass garden furniture or looking for a different style, there are so many places to explore table and chair sets for your outdoor space.  

Habitat has a huge clearance sale including lots of garden furniture

Wayfair has a huge selection of garden furniture at great prices

We love John Lewis' garden furniture range and the other brands they stock

Dunelm are a firm favourite for affordable prices and quick delivery

Garden Trading are a go-to for reliable outdoor furniture

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