Garden mirror ideas to give a tired garden a boost of light

It's easy to see why garden mirrors are gaining popularity...

Garden mirrors are a great addition to any garden but they’re especially useful in small courtyard gardens on roof terraces and balconies. Increasing a sense of space and reflecting light in more shady corners, a well placed mirror can add a new dimension to a garden.

It’s important to think about where you place your mirror and what you want to achieve.

Garden mirrors dos and don’ts

Garden mirrors

  • Use small round mirrors to achieve a window-like effect into another world
  • Get your mirror to blend in surrounded by foliage
  • Consider what you will be reflecting – don’t place your mirror opposite a wall with drain pipes or air ducts, but try to reflect the leafy interest in your garden
  • Do use full length mirrors to create the illusion of a garden beyond
  • Don’t place mirrors too high up or anywhere they are likely to impact bird flight
  • Don’t use mirrors in hot countries where they are likely to become a fire hazard
  • Do consider using a hardy framed indoor mirror outdoors – often especially designed garden mirrors are made of plastic or polished metal and won’t achieve the right look (you don’t want your garden to look like a child’s soft play area!)
  • Try buying sheets of mirror to tailor to the size of your space

Why hang a mirror in your garden?

Garden mirrors

Image credit: Graham Atkins-Hughes

A garden mirror will reflect sunlight and if positioned cleverly, can make your garden seem larger. Traditional outdoor mirrors can be heavy and must be secured to the wall with the correct fixings. Modern acrylic mirrors are lighter and come in a variety of styles. An illusion mirror can create dramatic effects such as appearing to be a garden gate in a wall or hedge or a window, but whichever you choose, an outdoor mirror is transformative.

Here are a few more garden mirror ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Get creative in the courtyard

Garden mirrors

If you have flora and fauna that is worth showing off, then double-up the effect with an oversized mirror. Here, a charming mirror window effect is achieved in a courtyard garden.

Make a small space special

Garden mirrors

Small spaces needn’t be boring and bland. Here another window-like mirror increases the sense of space in this high walled city garden.

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Take it beyond what you can see

Garden mirrors

Image credit: Paul Massey

Replicate a grand living room by including traditional-style furniture in the garden.  Add some wow factor to your garden walls with an outsized mirror. This tall garden mirror creates a very convincing illusion to a garden beyond.

Go for a urban look

Garden mirrors

Did you know that even your garden can be given a designer touch? This garden mirror adds style to a design-lead garden.

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Will you be adding garden mirrors to your outdoor space this summer? We think it’s a winner!

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