Love them or hate them, this controversial garden ornament is back, according to experts

We expect to see more of this cheeky chap make the rounds in our gardens again this summer

Garden gnome table with plant on top
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Could it be possible that the once-loved controversial outdoor ornament might be making its way back into the ever-changing roster of garden trends to look out for this summer? We've asked the experts whether we can expect to see the cheeky chap appear in our outdoor living spaces again come this summer – and this is what they said.

Garden gnomes, a typical decoration previously spotted in many a British garden, have been projected to be at risk of dying out over the past few years as people have opted for more 'sophisticated' decor. You either love them or you hate them, but come on, who can afford to take themselves too seriously and remove the element of play completely from our gardens?

Garden gnome trend

'First appearing in British gardens in the 1800s, garden gnomes were commonly known as symbols of good luck. These colourful little characters add an element of fun and a touch of the whimsical to any space,' says Dee Fontenot, resident style advisor at Wayfair.

She confirms: 'This year the garden gnome is no longer being retired to your great aunt's garden, with Wayfair on-site customer searches surging over 200% this past month for our faithful friend.'

And if you needed any more confirmation of just how recent of a surging trend this is, Katie Chester, outdoor buying manager at George Home, Asda adds: 'Our novelty designs have been incredibly popular with 40 different gnome designs this season alone, the Small King Gnome inspired by the Coronation being our best seller to date.'

Garden gnome table with plant on top

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'This trend never fails to bring cheer to all the family, and is strongly connected to the UK's love of private green space, where we are increasingly turning to our gardens for relaxation and mindful moments,' continues Wayfair's Dee Fontenot.

Etsy's trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson adds: 'Filled with character and available in a range of shapes and sizes, garden gnomes perfectly play into the rise of nostalgic, vintage styles, while also allowing shoppers to express their personalities.'

Perfect as a family garden idea to continue spreading the cheer of the sunshine and outdoors to your loved ones, this garden companion is one we definitely think we'll also be seeing more of at garden parties.

Hanging garden gnome

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If you're willing to give the trend a go in your own garden but are afraid of them looking a little dated, rest assured that garden gnomes have come a long way in design.

While many still boast the novelty style that initially comes to mind, there's probably a garden gnome out there to suit whatever your personal taste is.

Our pick of garden gnomes to shop this summer

Dee Fontenot adds: 'From vibrant classic gnomes to folklore-inspired fiendish pixies – the selection is endless, and one thing's for sure, you won't regret this purse-friendly addition to your garden this summer.'

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