Balcony gardens that transform a tiny space into a mini horticultural haven

Whatever the size, there are plenty of uses for your balcony garden

Us home-lovers are usually eager to get outdoors as soon as the days are longer and the weather is warmer to make the most of our green spaces and enjoy the fresh air. But for most apartment or flat owners a garden (unless communal) is not usually part of the plan.

That is unless you consider your balcony. With a bit of careful planning you can instantly transform your small elevated space into a marvelous micro-garden full of colour, aroma and atmosphere.

There are lots of inspiring ideas that can turn your small space into a balcony garden that will enhance the living experience of your home: enjoy views, sit, relax and grow your own little bit of green wherever you live.

Invest in structural trees and plants

Balcony gardens

Image credit: Holly Jolliffe

Small narrow spaces suit long tall plants. Therefore, trees fit the bill perfectly and can look structurally elegant especially when grouped in varying heights. Certain tree species will be very happy potted in planters and, by keeping their roots in a confined space, will control their growth. Slow-growing olive trees are very suitable and bay lollipop standards are modern and popular. Here, two trees look simple yet sophisticated behind refined grey railings and the ornately hung watering can adds an artistic finish.

Install a privacy trellis

Balcony garden ideas

Image credit: Mel Yates

Conceal your space with a border trellis. Balconies can unfortunately sometimes lack privacy so a stylish trellis that can double as a plant climber makes an attractive solution. They’re easy to install and a grid of slats will still let through plenty of light. Matching planters filled with vibrant hydrangeas or geraniums will blend any hard edges and add a welcoming burst of colour.

Mount a mirror to the wall

Balcony gardens

Image credit: Mark Bolton

Add the illusion of space to your balcony by mounting a sheet of mirror on a wall. It will maximise the small space, bounce light to brighten any dark corners and double the colour by reflecting vivid plants and foliage. Here, the cool urban look is finished with a central display of beautiful hot pink and red tulips potted in a industrial-style cement planter.

Make the most of a trellis

Balcony gardens

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Make your balcony garden an inviting space for the evenings by adding a few crafty touches. Everyday items can be painted, upcycled and decorated to create a charming and secluded spot.

Fill a trellis with easy-to-make tealight holders and planters. Spray clean cans with two coats of paint and, once dry, thread wire through pierced holes and loop to form a hanger. Pierce drainage holes for the planters and punch patterns for the tealight holders. Use citronella candles in the tin holder to deter the midges.

Create a cosy corner

Balcony gardens

Image credit: Mark Bolton

Make your garden balcony an outdoor living room for relaxing with a large corner sofa filled with plenty of cushions for comfort. Many come with hidden storage to protect the seating pads in damp and wet weather. A low-level matching coffee table continues the casual vibe while an array of pretty structural pots filled with African daisies and lavender soften the look. Attractive storm lanterns will keep you alfresco into the night.

Hang a herb rack

Balcony gardens

Image credit: Simon Bevan

Food lovers need not miss out as sheltered balcony gardens can make perfect salad and vegetables growing spots, so why not become an urban farmer with your very own balcony vegetable garden?

You don’t need a huge garden to grow your own vegetables and herbs. Garden balconies make great mini allotments as they can be sheltered from wind and are often spots. Walls make great places to hang herbs and there are lots of small-container vegetable stations available that will fit your space. Being up high your produce is less likely to be damaged by pests and, of course, you have easy access back to your kitchen.

Factor in functionally furniture

Balcony gardens

Image credit: James Merrell

If you are short on space look for quaint bistro-style furniture that can be folded away when not in use. Whatever the size, there are plenty of uses for your balcony garden. If there is room for an outdoor table and chairs you can use it as an outside dining room or maybe as a spill out area for when you are entertaining.

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There are lots of inspiring ideas that can turn your small space into a balcony garden that will enhance the living experience of your home: enjoy views, sit, relax and grow your own little bit of green wherever you live. Will you be taking ideas for these balcony gardens?

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