The one stylish gardening tool that Kate Moss can’t live without

Actual Kate Moss has been raving about this designer gardening tool set, and for good reason…

Kate Moss attends The 2023 Met Gala Celebrating "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 01, 2023 in New York City.
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Do you often catch yourself daydreaming about the latest garden trends? Then you’re in excellent (and incredibly fashionable) company, because the one and only Kate Moss is dreaming right along with you. 

As in, yes, the quintessential poster girl of the 90s. Obviously.

While the supermodel’s name has long been synonymous with effortless bohemian fashion, striking kohl eyeliner, designer welly boots, and partying with rockstars, Kate recently shared that, since moving out of London and into the Cotswolds, she has become obsessed with making all of her garden ideas a reality. 

‘I’ve got a membership to the garden centre and I go with my mum and we have the best time,’ said Kate during an episode of Desert Island Discs, adding that partying is ‘boring to me now’. 

So, just like that, raves are well and truly out and garden makeovers are in. But, even when she’s potting, weeding, and generally getting down and dirty with her lawn maintenance, it seems Kate never strays far from her high-fashion roots. 

The gardening tool set that Kate Moss swears by

What do I mean by this, you ask? Well, as per the supermodel-turned-amateur-gardener’s recent stint in the Financial Times’ How To Spend It section – in which she was invited to share the 32 items she can’t live without – Kate revealed her must-have gardening accessory: a set of €1,523 (£1,300) walnut and ‘saddle-stitched’ leather gardening tools from Lorenzi Milano.

‘This is the chicest garden tool set,’ explains Kate.

‘It’s made from stainless steel and walnut wood with saddle-stitched leather handles, and includes a trowel, pruners, saw and hand cultivator.’

Alternative stylish gardening tool sets

Now, while there’s no denying that this tool set has taken functionality to a whole new and ridiculously beautiful level, that price tag is eye-watering. Nay, not just eye-watering: it is *stomach churning*. Honestly, the blood drained from my face once I realised these four tools (count ‘em, four!) would cost more than my monthly mortgage repayment.

Still, though... I can‘t help but covet this supermodel-approved idea. And, thankfully, there are plenty of alternative options out there, for anyone who wants to keep all of their gardening tools to hand, à la Kate Moss:

Our pick of the best gardening tool kits

Of course, if none of the above fit with your own personal aesthetic – because hey, we all have our Instagram grids to think about – then worry not: you could just as easily buy yourself a waterproof bag and fill it with the gardening tools you need. And then, whether you're figuring out how to make your grass look greener or how to grow Wisteria in pots, you have everything to hand.

All that Kate Moss is really saying, to be honest, is that we shouldn't just chuck our still-muddied gardening tools in an empty flowerpot at the end of the day when we're done with them. Instead, we should clean them, sharpen them, and tend to them every bit as carefully as we do our gardens themselves – and, yes, display them  proudly for all to see.

Even if, y'know, you haven't dropped over a grand on yours.

Kayleigh Dray
Acting Content Editor

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