Can you cook pizza in the Ninja Woodfire? Yes you can, but only if you buy the right version

This is the Ninja you should buy if you want to make pizza at home

Ninja Woodfire Pizza Oven
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The Ninja Woodfire has had a lot of buzz around it this summer as the versatile outdoor cooking that's as accessible as your favourite Ninja air fryer. However, our favourite part is that alongside roasting joints of meat, you can also cook pizza in the Ninja Woodfire Oven.

After testing the Ninja Woodfire Oven the new release easily earned a spot on our list of the best pizza ovens in 2023. It's easy to use, tailor-made for 12" pizzas, and boasts a smoker function.

However, it is important to note that while the oven, which we gave an easy five stars in our Ninja Woodfire Pizza Oven review, is pizza-perfect, it shares a very similar name to the Ninja Woodfire BBQ, which is not. As we covered in our feature on the Ninja Woodfire BBQ vs Pizza Oven, the latter is the only one of these two options cut out for making pizza. Here's why.

Can you cook pizza in the Ninja Woodfire?

Yes, you can cook pizza in the Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor Oven, with numerous presets to help you with the task.

You'll struggle to make pizza in the other Ninja Woodfire, the BBQ. As we detailed in our Ninja Woodfire BBQ review, that appliance is much better suited to traditional grilling and has a bonus air fryer feature. But its design means it's not really suitable for pizzas.

Testing the Ninja Woodfire oven

Testing the Ninja Woodfire Pizza Oven, complete with pizza peel, at home.

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The Ninja Woodfire Oven is a multi-functional appliance, but is mainly marketed as a pizza oven, with presets for artisan, thin, New York, deep pan, calzone and custom pizza bases.

It heats up to 370°C, and features a pizza stone, which is integral for getting the crisp base found with takeaway pizzas. It's as speedy as similar ovens too, with our reviewer finding that each pizza took just 2 minutes and thirty seconds to bake.

Testing the Ninja Woodfire Oven

The results of our test of the Ninja Woodfire Pizza Oven.

(Image credit: Future)

It's not just pizza that the Woodfire is great for, either. Our expert reviewer and home economist Helen McCue found that the oven worked a treat for baking brownies, and is a versatile buy for meat and fish too - with successful tests of baking salmon and roasting an entire chicken.

If you are looking to get into pizza making from scratch, our reviewer thinks that the Ninja Woodfire is a great entry-level appliance to start with. It's especially user friendly due to the fact that it's an electric oven and therefore doesn't require a lengthy process to get fired up.

Is the Ninja Woodfire more versatile than a pizza oven?

It depends what you're looking for in a pizza oven. The Ninja Woodfire, like all of the best Ninja air fryers, is packed full of functions, so that you can use it as a smoker, roast food in it and even dehydrate with it. It's controlled with an LED touch panel, and all you need to do in order to preheat it is to plug it in, making it unbelievably beginner-friendly.

It won't suit everyone though. It only has a maximum temperature of 370°C, which our reviewer found very capable of pizza making, though it has to be pointeed out that other competing gas ovens from Ooni and Gozney can reach much higher temperatures.

There's also an argument that you lose some of that natural smokey flavour you get with wood pizza ovens by switching to electric with the Ninja Woodfire. If you would rather stick to a gas or wood-fired oven, or if you're more at the levelling up stage of pizza making as opposed to just starting out, these alternative ovens might do the trick.

Whichever oven you choose, having access to a pizza oven is bound to make your garden a more social space. The next task is just perfecting your homemade pizza dough!

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