This is what every gardener should be buying at the garden centre right now for a stunning garden on a budget

This affordable gardening hack is the secret to a beautiful garden every season with little to no effort

Lily of the valley
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If you're looking to fill your garden with beautiful blooms affordably then now is the time to stock up on perennials either as seedlings or plug plants at the garden centre.

You can buy perennials at the garden centre all year round, but now is the perfect time to pick them up as small specimens which are a far more budget-friendly garden idea than buying larger more established plants. 

'The word "perennial" means that the flower lives for multiple growing seasons,' explains Fantastic Gardeners' plant and gardening expert, Peter Ivanov. Since you don't have to keep repurchasing them every season, this is what makes perennials such a great investment for the garden as they will simply bloom when they're in season, adding colour to your garden with little to no effort.'

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'Small-sized perennials are much more affordable compared to larger plants, making them a budget-friendly option for filling your garden with colour and beauty,' adds Tim Marshall, head gardener at Raby Castle

'By planting them now, you can enjoy their blooms in the upcoming summer months, adding a burst of colour and charm to your garden. I like to plant smaller specimens in my garden, as they establish much more quickly and reliably than larger specimens and as previously mentioned they cost a great deal less,' he assures. 

For example, at Suttons you can pick up 72 perennial plug plants for just £20. However, 15 garden-ready plants come in at around £10, which means you'd have to invest in quite a few more bundles to fill your garden border ideas up.

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'When selecting small perennials at the garden centre, there are a few tips to consider to ensure their success in your garden. Firstly, it's important to choose plants that are well-suited to your garden's growing conditions, including sunlight exposure, soil type, and moisture levels,' explains Tim.

'By selecting plants that are suitable for your specific garden environment, you'll increase their chances of thriving and producing abundant displays.'

Lily of the valley

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As well as these perennials, it's worth having a look at what else to plant in April as there are so many beautiful blooms waiting to be had.

Best perennials to buy now

When in doubt, it's worth simply popping into your local garden centre and seeing what they've got available right now and doing that every season until you've got a garden filled with beautiful plants that'll come to life in their respective seasons.

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