Home office lighting ideas to brighten up your work space

The right lighting isn't just about aesthetics – it will also make you more productive
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  • Working from home can be great – you pick your late starts and early finishes, and no one will know if you wear your pyjamas all day! But, to avoid your home office becoming a place of easy distraction and restlessness, good lighting is essential. So we’ve come up with some clever home office lighting ideas to help keep you focused.

    Make your workspace ace with our home office ideas

    It’s important that your home office doesn’t hide you away in a dark corner – you won’t get any work done and you’ll end up resenting time spent there. Instead, use light – both natural and artificial – to your advantage. Done right, light can be as motivational as good cup of tea or praise from the boss!

    1. Place your desk by the window


    Image credit: George Home

    Ideally, you should find a working spot with lots of light – this will not only save on your electricity bill, but will also boost your mood. It’s scientifically proven* that exposure to natural light in an office will increase your productivity, health and overall wellbeing.

    Being able to stare off into the distance is another benefit, as regular screen breaks will prevent eye strain.

    2. Consider every light source

    Home office lighting ideas Rowan Wren

    Image credit: Rowan & Wren

    Done right, lighting can be as motivational as a strong cup of coffee. Shutters or a blind that blocks glare while still allowing in natural light is a good option, particularly if your computer is near a window. Mellow overhead lighting promotes calm, while a table lamp will help you focus.

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    3. Inspire creativity with a statement lamp


    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    You don’t have to play it safe with this practical purchase. So forget bland corporate style and splash out on a desk lamp that will (quite literally) light up your working space. A lamp in an unusual colour or shape will make the space your own. In turn, your office will become a haven, rather than a space you avoid at all costs.

    4. Power up with a charging lamp


    Image credit: Ikea

    Always forgetting your charger or fed up of carrying it around? Enter the Hektar work lamp from Ikea, complete with super-cool wireless charging.

    Simply pop it on the lamp base, or slip it into a corresponding phone case, and enjoy having one less piece of clutter to contend with on your desk. And if your mobile doesn’t support wireless charging, Ikea sells phone covers that do.

    Buy now: Hektar work lamp, £50, Ikea

    5. Short on space? Fix a task light to the wall


    Image credit: Carolyn Barber

    Employ this smart idea any you won’t have to find space on your desk for a lamp. Now you can either enjoy the reduced clutter, or fill it with a plant or vase of flowers to make you smile.

    6. Or hang a bulb from the ceiling


    Image credit: Max Attenborough

    This solution is just as space saving, and a good option if you only have room for a narrow desk. It may, however, involve some rewiring – always get a qualified electrician to carry this out for you. For a simple but on-trend look, opt for a bare bulb with a decorative flex – it will provide great illumination, but won’t distract like a fancy shade.

    7. Double up on everything


    Image credit: Douglas Gibb

    Sometimes it’s nice to work side-by-side with someone else, as you can bounce ideas off of each other. Or in the case of the kids, one can help the other with their maths homework. But if you do choose this set-up, make sure you give each seat a separate task lamp so no one is straining to see.

    8. Use lighting to add colour


    For more inspiration… see our Easy new Ikea hack – personalise your home office

    We’d never recommend going too crazy with colour in a hone office. You want to create a restful environment where you can focus, rather than give yourself a headache. That said, a few little accents can go along way, putting you in a bright mood, ready to work. This aqua blue desk lamp, paired with a sunshine yellow chair brings a jovial tone to this otherwise muted palette. 

    *According to a 2014 study by the Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois

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