This scrub-free vase cleaning hack is so easy – we can't believe we didn't try it sooner

We think it's genius

Glass vase filled with yellow flowers on top of kitchen table and countertop
(Image credit: Future PLC / David Mereweather)

We tried a TikTok hack for cleaning a vase using an everyday household item that is scrub-free – we were shocked by the results.

TikTok has quickly become a great source for discovering new cleaning advice and hacks that you might've not initially thought of, and to our luck, we stumbled across yet another way to clean using denture tablets.

Denture tablet vase cleaning hack

Mother's Day has just passed, and with the occasion often comes many a flower arrangement, either gifted to you or given to another loved one.

Despite our efforts to keep flowers fresh, the time will come when it's time to empty and clean the vase – and mind you, some vases come in the most intricate silhouettes, making them especially tough to clean.

Glass flower vase next to pack of denture tablets

(Image credit: Future / Rebecca Knight)

If you're wanting to get the job done without so much as breaking a sweat, then whip out those denture tablets you might already have lying around.

If you don't have any, you can buy a pack of 30 on Boots for as little as £1 or the same ones we used when we tried it, the OraCare Denture Cleaning Tablets, which are 90p from Sainsbury's.


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The method is simple. Just drop a denture tablet or two inside your vase of choice, fill it with water, and let it do its magic. Let the vase sit for 30 minutes to an hour, rinse clean, and then dry with a microfibre towel.

Yep, it's that easy – and the results look so good.

Cleaning inside of glass glower vase using denture tablet

Watching the denture tablet fizz and do its magic.

(Image credit: Future / Rebecca Knight)

We especially think it's genius because it takes the need to scrub inside an awkwardly shaped vase out of the equation and you're left with glass that is sparkling clean.

However, if you're in a pinch now and don't have denture tablets to hand, another easy method for cleaning a vase includes spraying the inside with a white vinegar solution, gently scrubbing, rinsing, and then wiping it down with a microfibre cloth.

white kitchen with wooden bar top and flower vase

(Image credit: Future PLC/Chris Snook)

It's an easy cleaning job that'll definitely encourage you to keep your vases filled with flowers more often, especially going into the spring season.

We'll be adding this one to our roster of cleaning hacks.

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