We've found the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors - it'll keep floors clean and scratch-free

Keep your wooden flooring in tip-top condition with this winning cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

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We've found the best cordless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors that'll keep your precious floors scratch-free, without compromising on strong suction power. It's a great value Shark buy that packs in excellent features.

Testing vacuum cleaners for their efficiency on hardwood floors is a standard test for every new vacuum cleaner we try - including the cordless kind. And in our effort to find the best cordless vacuum cleaner, we’ve tested the all of the most popular vacuum cleaners on the market.

Based on our testing we found that the Shark Stratos Anti Hair Wrap Plus Pet Pro Cordless Vacuum IZ420UKT is the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors. During our Shark Stratos review process, our reviewer Molly Cleary, Ideal Home's Ecommerce Editor and vacuum cleaning expert, found the product incredibly easy to use and found the strong suction power of this appliance a welcome surprise for a cordless vacuum. 

But while this vacuum is a solid option for those who have hardwood floors, it’s also a great option for those who have carpets, laminate, tiles, or another flooring type.

The best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

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Shark Stratos Anti Hair Wrap Plus Pet Pro Cordless Vacuum IZ420UKT

With countless tools and perks, this vacuum is perfect for wooden flooring


Max. run time: up to 120 minutes (spilt over two batteries)
Charge time: 3.5 hours per battery
Bin volume: 0.8 litres
Weight: 4.07kg
Dimensions: 1140H x 270W x 170D mm
Modes: normal, boost, eco, CleanSense IQ
RRP: £449.00

Reasons to buy

Great at picking up hair without tangling
Auto-senses the right level of suction
Anti Odour capsules are wonderful 

Reasons to avoid

Would benefit from a wall stand
Dust tool is redundant 

We love the Shark Stratos IZ420UKT so much that we’ve crowned it the best cordless vacuum for pick-up - making it perfect for those who want spotless hardwood floors. The RRP of £449.00 is a little steep, but our reviewer, Molly, felt confident that the price tag appropriately reflected what the cordless vacuum has to offer. 

In fact, Molly scored the cordless vacuum an incredible 5 stars out of 5, stating that ‘It might be one of the more expensive Shark buys, but it's most definitely the brand's best offering yet.’ Especially as she found that the impressive suction worked extremely well when cleaning hardwood floors, and the DuoClean brush roll head allowed her to roll across the floor without issue. 

The CleanSense IQ feature is also a handy perk for those who have a mixture of hardwood floors and carpet, as this infrared technology detects dirt you might not be able to see with the naked eye and automatically increases the suction power without human intervention. So, you can be sure that every inch of your house is being cleared of dirt and debris.

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Not only that, but the Shark Stratos also comes complete with Anti Hair Wrap Plus technology and Anti Odour capsules, keeping your home hair and odour-free - a nice added extra for those who have pets in the house, as we know that pet hair can find its way into every nook and cranny of your wooden flooring.

The impressive battery life is spread across two separate batteries so this cordless vacuum cleaner didn't run out of steam in the midst of cleaning. More than anything, Molly loved that the quality of this cordless vacuum cleaner matched up to the sleek and stylish Shark exterior we’ve all come to know and love. 

The one qualm our tester had with the Shark Stratos was that the dust tool that came with the vacuum was a little redundant and unnecessary. But as that issue was tailored more towards the additional tool rather than the vacuum itself, we’d say this one is a winner. 

How to choose the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

There are a few things to consider if you want to choose the best cordless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

The floors in your house: It’s fairly uncommon for homeowners to have hardwood floors in every room in the house. So, while it’s a good idea to ensure that the cordless vacuum cleaner you choose is equipped to deal with hardwood floors (e.g. a vacuum cleaner with an integrated floor brush so you don’t scratch the wood), it’s also important to understand how it works on other flooring types. Choose a vacuum that can switch seamlessly between hardwood floors and carpets. 

The size of your house: Cordless vacuum cleaners are convenient, as you don’t need to unplug and re-plug them every time you move from room to room. But that also means that you have to rely on the battery life of a cordless vacuum cleaner to clean your whole house - which can be a disadvantage. 

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The mess you make: If you live solo and spend very little time at home, you probably don’t need a cordless vacuum that’s been equipped with extra bells and whistles. But if you’re someone who lives with children or pets, you’ll probably need a higher-quality cordless vacuum that offers different features. Whether you want anti-wrap technology for pet hair or want a high level of suction for dinnertime crumbs, it’s essential to consider the mess you make when choosing a cordless vacuum.

The size of the dust bin: Cordless vacuum cleaners tend to have smaller dust bins than the corded kind, which is something you need to consider if you want to buy the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors. If you’re someone who makes a lot of mess and will fill up a dust bin quickly, you might want to re-think your options and find a cordless vacuum cleaner with a larger bin. Alternatively, prepare yourself to empty the bin more regularly. 

Tips for getting the most out of your cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

When you’ve bought the best vacuum for hardwood floors, you need to get the most out of it. After all, this appliance is normally an investment piece that will last you years - but only if you use it properly. So, make sure you do these things: 

Vacuum regularly: Knowing how to clean hardwood floors is incredibly important, as these floors are highly susceptible to scuffs and scratches. And if you want to make the most out of your cordless vacuum for hardwood floors, you should vacuum regularly to remove any dirt or debris that could cause such scratches. In fact, that’s why you should always vacuum your hardwood floor before mopping.

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Empty the dust bin: Hardwood floors can hide dirt extremely well. Crumbs and small particles can hide themselves in every nook and cranny, and the space between each plank is the perfect place for this dirt to live. Because of this, it’s important to make the most out of the suction in your cordless vacuum cleaner. Having a full dust bin can hinder this, though. That’s why it’s important to empty the dust bin after each use and regularly clean the vacuum cleaner filter. 

Use the various attachments: The Shark Stratos comes with various attachments that make vacuuming a breeze, so it’s always a good idea to make the most of these additions. For hardwood floors, crevice tools, multi-surface tools, and dust brushes can come in very handy, as they’ll allow you to get into the nooks and crannies between the wood planks and into the corners. 

How we review cordless vacuums

We take how we test at Ideal Home very seriously. In this instance, the Shark Stratos IZ420UKT was tested by our very own E-commerce Editor, Molly Cleary. She used this cordless vacuum in her two-bedroom flat, and to test the suction power, she used this cordless vacuum on both carpet and hardwood floors. She was also allowed to keep the vacuum for long-term testing. 

Molly Cleary
Molly Cleary

Molly is the Ecommerce Editor for Ideal Home and covers cleaning appliances, including vacuums. That means she had the lucky job of testing the Shark Stratos IZ420UKT, adding it to the long list of vacuums she has previously tested both at home and at the dedicated Future test facility. 


What is the best cordless vacuum for wooden floors?

In our opinion, the best cordless vacuum for wooden floors has to be the Shark Stratos. Featuring an impressive level of suction and offering CleanSense IQ technology, this cordless vacuum cleaner will have no trouble picking up every single piece of dirt, dust, or debris on your hardwood flooring. 

And while many people criticise the battery life of cordless vacuum cleaners, the Stratos comes with two batteries to ensure that you won’t run out of steam in the middle of your cleaning schedule. 

Of course, there are so many other cordless vacuums on the market, and many of them will work wonders on wooden floors. But after testing the Shark Stratos on both hardwood floors and carpets, our Ideal Home tester found this to be one of the best Shark vacuum cleaners.

What type of vacuum is best for hardwood floors?

When looking for the best vacuum for hardwood floors, it’s always a good idea to look out for vacuum cleaners that have rotating brush heads with wheels. This will allow you to push the vacuum seamlessly across hardwood floors without scratching them in the process. This also means that you can pick up every piece of dirt you come across without leaving any debris behind.

Some vacuum cleaners aren’t designed for use on hardwood floors, so it’s best to opt for one that’s specifically designed for this use or has an on/off switch for the spinning brush roll. By doing this, you should be able to protect your floors and clean them at the same time. 

We're big fans of Shark vacuum cleaners at Ideal Home and the Shark Stratos is most definitely our favourite for hardwood floors.

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