This clever furniture placement trick will help keep your home warmer this winter

It'll take just a few minutes to sort out, and could reduce your energy bill significantly

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We're all looking to reduce our energy bills this year in any way we can, but it's likely that we're already employing many of the usual, well-known rules; be it switching off lights, or having showers instead of baths, or knowing when to turn the heating on.

But there are lots of energy-saving tips that will help you heat your home more efficiently that you might not have considered – namely, moving around some furniture. Yes, really!

Wondering how that'll help? One expert has revealed that it's simply a case of allowing heat from your radiators to travel through your home unobstructed...

Try this furniture trick for heating your home

Have you ever thought about where your furniture is positioned in relation to your heating? For many of us, the answer is no.

But if you want your energy usage to be more efficient as we head into winter, Chris Shaw, CEO at Utility Bidder advises moving your furniture out of the way of your radiators, in order to help the heat move around your home properly.

'It’s unlikely you’ll be able to last all of the autumn and winter months without putting the heat on,' says Chris. 'So to use as little energy as possible, make sure there are no items of furniture such as a sofa in front of the radiator, as this will soak up the majority of the heat.'

'Instead, leave the radiators exposed in order for it to heat the whole room.' If you don't have a radiator, or are avoiding using it know that this applies to electric heaters, available at Amazon, too.

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It certainly makes a lot of sense – if your sofa, or your armchair, for example, is placed against your radiator, the heat coming from it won't be able to circulate around the room properly. This means you'll need to have your heating on for longer – and set to a higher temperature – to feel properly toasty during the coldest months.

A similar rule also applies when it comes to your curtains. Chris advises people to make sure that their curtains are placed behind radiators, rather than in front of them, which could also block out much-needed heat.

'When radiators within the home are turned on, it’s important to not allow the curtains to cover the radiator, as this will direct the heat towards the window,' explains Chris. 'Instead, make sure the radiator is exposed by gently placing the curtains behind the radiator, which will help to heat the entire room.'

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Tips like these aren't a complete fix for the ongoing energy crisis, but they are easy ways to ensure you are keeping your house warm in winter making the most of the heating you are using.

'Tips such as knowing where to place furniture in your home will enable people to feel warmer for longer,' adds Chris. 'And with financially uncertain times ahead, simple changes around the home could potentially go a long way.'


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