Aldi's £25 frozen drinks maker is back in stores this weekend - just in time for summer cocktail season

A little rain never got in the way of a round of frozen margaritas

Aldi red frozen drink maker on pink background
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If you love a frozen margarita or frappe you need to know about Aldi's frozen drinks maker specialbuy. Launching in stores on the 14th July, Aldi has brought back the frozen drinks maker to turn your kitchen into the best cocktail bar in town. 

Frozen cocktails are everywhere on Instagram and TikTok at the moment, from slushy Aperol spritz to froze. While you don't necessarily need a frozen drinks maker to create this concoction - one of the best blenders will do the trick for crushing ice - it's a whole lot more fun if you've got guests coming around. 

Aldi's frozen drinks maker is priced at a very modest £24.99, half the price of Amazon's Neo Ice Crusher Slush Machine. Both machines work similarly, you feed the ice in through the top which the machine crushes to fine or coarse shaved ice into the jug below. Then in the jug, you can add coffee, alcohol or other syrup to the jug to be mixed up into your chosen drink. 

Aldi claims that the appliance features a safety locking lid to avoid spillages and an easy-pour plastic jug. It is also available in two colours a bold red, or our personal favourite a sleek white. 

While I haven't tried this particular Aldi appliance I have a couple of other Aldi-branded appliances in my house including a stand mixer and milk frother. I can honestly say that for the price (both under £100, and a fraction of the price of competitors) I'm impressed by the quality. Don't expect a perfect, high-tech machine, what Aldi instead delivers is a product that does the job as described.

Aldi red frozen drink maker on pink background

(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi frozen drinks maker alternatives

However, if you already take your frozen drinks very seriously you might be better off taking the plunge and investing in a multi-tasking Ninja Creami Deluxe that has 10 functions that allow you to make ice cream, frappes, slushies and frozen yoghurt. Unfortunately, this appliance comes with a hefty price tag of £249.99, but I can honestly say that when I tested the original Ninja Creami I found it was worth the investment. I had homemade ice cream on tap, and could even recreate my favourite Ben and Jerry's flavours.

 The frozen drinks maker is only available in-store sadly, I'm still mourning the loss of Aldi online shopping, but if you don't have an Aldi near you we've tracked down three other affordable options. 

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