Hotel Chocolat launches its first-ever advent calendar dedicated to the cult favourite Velvetiser

A new decadent flavour of hot chocolate to try in the lead-up to Christmas? How can we say no?

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser pouring hot chocolate into white mug
(Image credit: Hotel Chocolat)

October is right on our doorstep, meaning that the autumnal, winter vibes are high and bright – and what better way to hone into the cosiness of the season than with a delicious mug of homemade hot chocolate?

Let's face it. It's no secret that homemade hot chocolate can't get any better than when using the best-selling Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser. Well, if you're the proud owner of one, then we've got good news for you: Hotel Chocolat is launching its first-ever advent calendar dedicated to the must-have hot chocolate maker for £45.

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser pouring hot chocolate into white mug

(Image credit: Hotel Chocolat)

Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser Drinking Chocolate Advent Calendar

The Velvetiser has long been a favourite of ours at Ideal Home, allowing us to whip up the perfect homemade hot chocolate via a milk frother mechanism.

Now, making homemade hot chocolate is even more exciting, as The Velvetiser Drinking Chocolate Advent Calendar is filled with 24 different sachet flavours, giving you a new mug of deliciousness every morning in the lead-up to Christmas.

This unique advent calendar is jam-packed with best-selling and fan-favourite flavours from Hotel Chocolat's extensive library.

Whether it's deep, decadent 85% Dark, astonishingly creamy Vanilla-White, warming Chilli, zesty Salted Caramel and Clementine, or tongue-tingling Mint, Hotel Chocolat is certain you'll find a flavour you'll love day in and day out.

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser on countertop next to two mugs filled wit hot chocolate

(Image credit: Hotel Chocolat)

Buy one for yourself or consider it a lovely gift under £50 to pass to a loved one who's got a particular knack for sweet things. Of course, one thing to consider is that they will need to be an owner of a Velvetiser, so it's best to get ahead before the advent calendar's launch – or if you've opted for the more affordable alternatives, ergo Salter's The Chocolatier

However, we can't deny that you really get what you pay for with the Velvetiser, and if you can afford to stretch to the price tag, it's a well-worth investment many of our Editors can vouch for.

The Velvetiser Drinking Chocolate Advent Calendar will be available to buy at Hotel Chocolat from the end of October. Once we know the exact date of its release, best believe you'll be the first to know. Until then, Hotel Chocolat has opened a waitlist as it plans to only craft this sought-after advent calendar in limited quantities.

So, if you've got your heart set on 24 days of drinking chocolate happiness, we suggest you sign up now to avoid disappointment.

Jullia Joson
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