The £12.99 H&M home find that Megan McKenna uses every day - it screams quiet luxury

The upgrade you didn't know your meals needed

H&M Home dinnerware set on table
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If there's one thing that we love social media for, it's gaining a secret view into celebrities homes, and seeing exactly what they dish up for dinner. Megan McKenna's latest series of TikToks show her bountiful home-cooked meals, ranging from American-inspired full English breakfasts to roast dinners with all the trimmings. And while the steaming meals have us drooling, so do her dinner plates. 

Finding the best dinnerware to serve up your meals is a bigger feat than you might imagine - you want it to be the right size, shape, weight and obviously, the right look. So when we spotted Megan McKenna's organic-style plates, we knew we had to hunt them down.

Where to buy Megan McKenna's plates

In a turn of events, Megan McKenna has gone from British reality TV star to author of a cookbook titled, 'Can You Make That Gluten-Free?'. And her love of cooking has made its way over to her TikTok channel where she's gracing viewers with elaborate, but homely, meals for her and her partner.  

So once you've bought the cookbook to learn exactly how she makes everything look so drool-worthy, you'll just need the plates to finish off the look. 


Anyone ever mix an American & English breakfast? I do 🇺🇸🇬🇧

♬ original sound - Megan Mckenna

The quiet luxury trend is something that we've seen popping up in interiors from living room furnishings all the way through to kitchenware. Neutral-toned plates are a fast way to make your tableware look super expensive, even if they're bought from the high street and even with nifty H&M discount codes.

As well as neutral colour palettes, slightly imperfect, handmade materials are another big trend around the home. These plates have a slightly uneven edge that makes them look contemporary, yet still down-to-earth. Plus, the handmade look means you can lead family and friends to believe that you made them yourself. 

Depending on if you have a white kitchen that will look best accompanied with bright white tableware, or a traditional kitchen that needs warmer tones, there are two tones to complement different aesthetics. 

And if you're looking to update your entire dinnerware collection so that everything matches perfectly, then you'll be pleased to know that there are other pieces to match.

The stoneware bowl is the perfect shape for soup or porridge and has the same asymmetric look that still stacks easily meanwhile the regular stoneware plate will be a great size for lunches. But perhaps our favourite item in the range is the deep stoneware plate which (in our opinion) is perhaps the greatest plate bowl shape we've seen.  

H&M Home dinnerware set on table

(Image credit: H&M Home)

The best plate bowls are essential for pasta dishes, but if you're anything like me, you'll turn to eating every single meal out of them. Something about a bowl just makes everything taste better!

'There's absolutely nothing I love more than a plate that looks like a bowl that looks like a plate (or a pasta bowl, if you want to be specific), because it a) prevents awkward sauce-slopping off the sides, and b) makes every meal look a million dollars,' says Ideal Home's Content Editor, Kayleigh Dray. 'This one, with its asymmetric style and its rustic neutral hue, elevates our platey-bowl obsession to a whole new level: it's giving Scandi chic, quite frankly, and it's made for a cosy autumn-winter tablescape.'

It's clear which part of the range is at the top of our shopping lists, but if you're particularly inspired by Megan, then the plates are the best place to start. 

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